Monday, 3 February 2014

Weekend With Rowan - Not The Archbishop and Not Mr Bean

Mr P and I had a delightful weekend with our No 3 child and family. They had  not been too well and so Saturday they stayed in to recuperate. Baby Rowan has now become rather entertaining. He will soon be 6 months old - my how quickly that time has gone.

He's a very happy baby, well when he has a full tummy and has had enough sleep!

He can now sit up unaided. Golly we did not have these rubber rings when ours were little. We just used to surround the baby with cushions. He is taking notice of what is about him and was delighted to see the chickens.

Enjoying cuddles with Rowan.

Sunday and the family was feeling well enough to go out for a walk to Foxton Locks. Here Rowan is with his snow suit on.

It was rather cold but good to get outside. Then on our way back we called in at the pub.

And it was here that Rowan had his first trip to a pub and his first taste of a drink!

 Now before you all start getting social services involved - the drink was a lime soda! Golly we arrived in the light but by the time we left it was pitch black. 

The lights are so pretty. Unfortunately the nasty bug hit me last night and today has been a day of recovery.

Finally some knitting - my friend finished a cardigan for her grand daughter. She knits so well.I love this pattern, wish I could have a cardigan like this in my size!

And finally onto my knitting - horrors I did not have enough wool to finish the lace bottom and had to buy online yet another ball! I love the pattern but am rather disappointed with Loops for not getting the quantity of yarn correct in their pattern. I was told and sold 3 balls but I have needed 5 balls.

Finally a picture of the twins - wearing their wee Irish T shirts from their aunty and Uncle - who live in Northern Ireland.

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