Thursday, 13 November 2014

YouTube Fame

It is time to blow a trumpet - ta dah! It is not my own trumpet but my youngest son.

 Do you remember me telling you at the end of his wedding we all had a surprise? After a year of practising my son was able to film himself playing Pachabel Canon in D major on the electric guitar. After the wedding had finished instead of having an organ playing Widor's Tocatta he had this film played on a big screen. At first I thought he was just pretending to play the music but as the film went on I began to realise to my utter amazement that it was truly my son playing and not pretending.

Well now he has released the video clip onto YouTube.

So click here for "Canon Rock"

One very proud mother - must stop crying every time I see this! Please have a listen.

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  1. I watched this when Becky posted it on facebook - its amazing!