Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Miraculous Wales - Last Part.

Well come what may  I have to finish this holiday off - it's driving me mad!

Early morning play time - so lovely to see them slowly starting to play with each other.

Early morning bike ride. So lovely to see the mist coming off the lake.

It was such a treat but then I noticed it was soo cold that there was frost in the fields! Now why was I so concerned about that? Well this was the morning we had put aside to go swimming in the lake!!!! It was my oldest daughters idea but unfortunately she could not come as she had a temperature and felt rather unwell. So the task was left to fulfill with my other daughter and myself. We hired wetsuits and a few of the family came to watch. The dreaded moment arrived when their cameras were poised to take pictures of us getting into the lake. So my younger daughter and I held hands, had a count down and jumped into the lake!!!!!!!!

I think we were very brave. It was very strange trying to swim in a wetsuit. It was great from the point of view of not feeling so cold but the liberty one feels, as a larger person, when swimming disappeared. I later on discovered that the wetsuit is designed for people swimming front crawl and not breast stroke. Of course I swim breast stroke. So I ended up recreating my swimming stroke! It was lovely to be in the water in such an amazing setting - Snowdon in the distance.

We had a trip to Bangor Pier. It very much felt as if we had stepped back in time. A lovely old pier.

Of course  we had to take a picture of the longest named Welsh town.  Below being the pronunciation.

Final pictures of the grandchildren.

Why a miracle? Well we went to Wales in October and it did not rain! That is a miracle!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Miraculous Wales - Part Three

Well the next day Mr P and I decided it should just be the two of us, but before we went out it was time to have fun with the grandchildren.

Not sure what Rowan had found sooo amusing!

The girlies are so funny they blink before the camera even flashes! Now whilst we went out the girlies had some time with their cousins on the beach.

They are soooo cute at this age. They have the whole world to explore - everything is sooo fascinating for them.

Mr P and I enjoyed the sunshine along Anglesey at Cable Bay and then we ended up at Oyster Catcher for some potato wedges.

We had a lovely time together just chatting, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

Day five was another trip this time especially for us girlies to a craft shop!!!!!!!!!!!!  Copperfield crafts, on Anglesey, but this time on the other end of the island very near to Holyhead. It was a wonderful shop and I bought some divine fabric to make a dress.

Thank you to the men who looked after the children in order for us to be able to mooch around this most amazing shop! Golly it was fantastic and if you are ever on Anglesey then this is a must on your itinerary. This was outside their other shop next door.

Afterwards we headed up onto Holy Island to South Stack.

This was then followed by some lunch. Ayla feeling a lot better than she had been - enjoying her sausages!

A trip to a local beach.

Rowan modelling the latest gear! His dad's jumper, held up with his mum's hair bobble! His own clothes got wet with a big wave!

The end of another beautiful day in Wales.

Miraculous Wales - Part Two.

Golly I didn't think it would take me this long to get around to continuing this blog on Wales, BUT I have had another full on week and weekend. Never a dull moment! Well any way here goes:

Well I left you in Caernarfon.

The next day the weather looked a little grumpy. Mr P and my outdoor pursuit leader children decided to climb Snowdon, BUT no they didn't use the tourist track but went the Crib Goch   
route. Neither  Mr P nor I had any idea how difficult and dangerous this would be. After some hair raising moments they made it to the top. I am soooooo proud of my hubby.

I think this will be a walk that he will never forget and he would never have been able to tackle it if he had not had the support of his children.

Meanwhile whilst they are tackling the heights my daughter and I went for a rather leisurely walk around a National trust house Plas Newydd.

We spent ages in the gardens as we were busy looking for a red squirrel. Apparently on Anglesey grey squirrels have been irradicated. Unlike their cousins the red squirrels were rather shy!

This and the next few pictures were taken by my daughter as her camera was better at these shots.

As the sun shone so the butterflies came out. Above is a coma and below is a painted lady.

Then finally a red admiral.

We had lots of fun trying to take good pictures at this venue.

The hills in the background are of Snowdon - can't see my hubby!

Well with all the sunshine we opted to  leave here and head for the coast.

This when then followed by some tea and cake.

Then some more attempts to take a good photograph. The lengths you go to to get that picture!

Well just another day covered - sorry have to wait till tomorrow for more!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Miraculous Wales - Part One.

Last week my whole family met up in Llanberis, Snowdonia and shared a house together. We had an amazing time together and had lots of special moments. So I thought I'd share a few of those times with some pictures.

Day One was a walk around a local country park.  Here is Rowan and Aylas' mummy and daddy having fun!

Rowan modelling the latest autumnal collection. Poppy patiently waiting to move!

I love having rear views of people moving - especially little Rowan as he eagerly explores his new surroundings.

Rowan decided that grandad needed some help pushing the buggy.

Mommy and daddy trying to get a good photograph of a rather tall, elegant tree.

Ayla in her usual pose, sucking two fingers. Have to say at the start of the holiday she was rather unwell.She had an ear infection and was given some antibiotics, but as they were travelling to Wales she came out in an all body rash. So after arriving Ayla had to visit the local doctor to get some replacement medicine. First few days she just wanted to be held and slept a lot. 

Rowan enjoying the playground.

Day two a large chunk of the family went on a two mile walk to Aber Falls.  This was not a long walk but with three toddlers it became an all day walk! But it was lots of fun.

The girls all ready for the walk. But it was not too long before they were out of the buggy and joining their cousin, walking. Well that was the idea but they rather liked gathering stones!

Here is Karis, looking all cute as she ran down the hill.

Sophie looking cute with her monkey.

The walk has to stop if the girls see flowers - they love them. Watch out boyfriends, in the future, they could be expensive to date!

Then came the time when even Rowan ran out of steam and had to sit in the buggy. It amused me how he happily sat there with the large nappy bag plonked on his lap!

Guess pushing buggies up hill isn't much fun for the mommies and daddies!

Ayla not taking too much interest in this walk so far!

Eventually we manage to reach the falls in time for lunch!

The girlies decide to have a go at rock climbing. Needless to say we had to stop them rather quickly as it was rather slippery!

Rowan enjoying jumping into the arms of his mad aunty!

 Believe it or not we did get to see the falls and took lots of pictures, but they are full of my family and I promised not to put them on my blog land.

 Then time to descend - much easier. The children enjoyed that part more.

The mad aunty and grandad had much fun pushing the buggies crazily down the hill, with the children giggling.

 They even got swapped around in the buggies to add to the confusion!


Even Ayla woke up to see what was going on!

 By the time we got back to the car we had a rather sweaty aunty, note Poppy is turning her nose the other way!

There was time to make a quick trip into Caernarfon.

I don't know why but we never got time to come back here again and see the castle, but I guess there will always be another time to visit here.

Little bit of yarn bombing to finish todays blog. More of the holiday to follow. You'll have to wait to discover why miraculous!