Tuesday, 3 March 2015

"Berlin Wall" Raised Again!

Every year I have to put a divider in the garden between us and the chickens! If I didn't they would eat everything and poo everywhere! Sure you wanted to know that! Call me a cheap skate but I have not paid out for fencing but rather use some bean netting! Much cheaper than fencing but it only lasts a year before it starts disintegrating. Well I was aware that the netting was getting fragile but was waiting for the better weather to arrive. Sadly the netting won or rather the girlies won. They kept escaping especially Miss Moneypenny! She patrols the fence regularly looking for any weaknesses and if she manages to find any she is out with the others following suit! Well this weekend I gave up and let them have the run of the garden until I could fix the problem. As I walked into the kitchen on Sunday I was startled by this!

All four of them had jumped onto a bench which is placed on top of a table and were peering in! It started off with one of them and then once one does something they all have to! I had to laugh and as I continued to prepare and cook our Sunday lunch so they kept tapping at the window.

I guess they could see the food and were trying to work out how they could get in! Eventually they gave up and decided it was time for a bit of grooming instead.

As I continued to cook they got fed up and went off to explore the rest of the garden for some grubs to eat! Try not to think too hard about this as we do eat their eggs! Today I have recreated the "Berlin Wall". The girlies are not very happy as they are now confined to their half of the garden again. To show their displeasure they made a right racket! Even as I type Miss Moneypenny is patrolling the perimeter!

I know it's a bit "Heath Robinson" but amazingly this style fencing does last a year! Mr P and I shall miss the girlies visits to the kitchen window but sadly this is not a viable option.

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