Thursday, 26 March 2015

Day Five and Six - In Northumberland, St Abbs

Yesterday I chose to try a slightly different walk from St Abbs. We headed out on the private road that leads to the lighthouse and then diverted towards the coast. Oh boy we were not disappointed.

What an amazing view. We continued down the hill till we reached the coastal path.

No humans were harmed in order to take this picture!

Talking about animals just look where these sheep were grazing!

The walk was soooo amazing that I could bore you all with lots of pictures - so I shall do my best just to show you a few.

This walk took us hours not because we walked masses but that we had to stop either to admire the views or watch the thousands upon thousands of seabirds resting/nesting on the rocks.

What look like tiny black dots on these rocks are just birds. The noise was incredible and we were mesmerised by them. Masses of terns, guillemots and shags.

We were spoilt for picnic spots and ended up with three!

We were rather confused as to the logic behind these swirls in the fields, they carried on further round the bottom of the field. Anyone know why it has been ploughed such?

What a difference a day makes! Woke up to some snow!

After a lot of delaying tactics we finally started a walk in some locals woods - Kyloe Woods. Here were some wild primroses.

First barbecue of the year! I got a throw away barbecue for £1.35 from Home Bargains and it was absolutely brilliant.

Delicious barbie sausages served on a bed of tomato sauce and white bread! Ha ha ha! Smelled and tasted divine.

Was very cold today and we didn't hang around for too long.

Found this fallen tree fascinating.

Final photo of the day looking from the woods across the sea to Lindisfarne in the far distance.

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