Monday, 16 June 2014

Rowan Trails

Golly what a week. It started last week with a message from our son-in-law to say No 3 had been admitted to hospital (dehydrated). Golly this news then altered the pattern of the week. Tuesday night Mr P went down to Bristol to help my daughter, hubby and baby. As although she had been discharged from hospital she need some TLC (tender loving care) and some help looking after Rowan. Wednesday night Mr P and I passed each other somewhere on the M5! I then went to stay the night and help on Thursday. It then ended up with me bringing No 3, Rowan and dog back home to Leicester with her hubby following the next day. Friday was great to go to work for a break! Golly I had forgotten how tiring it is to look after a baby ALL day! But this opportunity did provide both Mr P and I a good chance to really get to know Rowan and for him to be confident in us both. So time for some cute photographs.

This is Rowan's favourite toy. He has some plastic balls that fit in the top and then roll down, making various noises. Whilst in Bristol I visited Marks and Spencers. I just loved the way they had displayed these wonderful bright coloured mens socks.

What a wonderful array of rainbow socks!

Now I forgot to say before I left Leicester I decided to eat at Fosse Park so that I did not get stuck in rush hour traffic. Decided that I had not eaten Kentucky Fried Chicken since I was a child and so thought lets try it. Ugh - bad decision. I'm not usually that fussy but I have to say my experience of eating this food was awful. The chips tasted as if they had been re-fried a few times, the sweetcorn looked fine until you tasted it which was watery! Have to say the chicken fillets were ok so I ate them and left the rest. I didn't think I could dislike chips!

So when we thought it a good idea to have some lunch out and McDonalds was to hand you can understand why I wobbled inside. But then I saw someone had a SALAD! Whooppee my insides stopped stressing.

It was grilled chicken with lots of yummy salad and a caesar dressing - can thoroughly recommend it.

Rowan adored the strawberry sundae!

Saturday, back in Leicester and dad came to spend the day with us all. He and I popped out in the afternoon to Oakham and I spotted this shop!

Rather nice shop selling some very expensive but lovely wool. In case you want to go there it's near to the church and the public toilets.

Here Rowan is devouring a piece of my lemon drizzle cake! He loves to have food in BOTH hands. Oh dear the cut on his forehead was from his attempt to play with balls, whilst trying to stand against a deckchair. Unfortunately the deckchair won!

Rowan occasionally does other things rather than eating and is busy on the move.

But then it's time for more food again! His absolute favourite thing to eat is strawberries. He would kill for these. He's so funny to watch as he devours them.

Then Sunday evening arrived and they left but not without a trail from Rowan!

Now my daughter did tidy up before they left but I still found evidence of Rowan!

The CD s had to be barred as Rowan thought them great to pull off the shelf and open up!

The trolley was a great toy. Rowan loved the noise that two mugs make when banged together. So the trolley ended up in the bathroom for safety.

Then as I empty the waste paper bin I find  a toy!

As I put the toy box back upstairs I notice a few things that should not be in there sych as my measuring cups and a crochet bird decoration!

Finally I find more evidence of Rowan in the washing basket.

So sweet to have all these reminders of him! Well time I got washed and dressed for paid work. Have a good week to you all.

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