Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How Many Nighties Can A Girl Have?

Now I got inspired, after watching The Great British Sewing Bee, to try and have a go at making some clothes. So all fired up and after many hours of looking for a pattern on the internet I eventually found a book full of lovely patterns.

I thought it a bargain at £10 for 26 patterns. I think to buy a paper pattern is around £8+. So I eagerly went through all the pictures to choose my first item. I decided on this tunic top as it did not have any zips, buttons or darts - great.

As I start to make the tunic I become aware of how little instructions there are.

BUT before I can begin I have to trace the pattern. You will begin to understand when I tell you that the manufacturers have managed to get ALL 26 patterns onto 3 sheets of paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job I'm not colour blind! Then having traced the pattern, pinned it out, cut up the fabric and then onto sewing the garment. But oh dear it has turned out like a nightie. So then I tried adding some ric rac and a pocket to make it unbed like!

I liked the sleeves.

So I showed my girls and I even tried sewing it in a bit to make it narrower, thought about shortening it to make more of a top than a dress length. But they all agreed it was a nightie and that my choice of fabric had been wrong. So off I go again to The Fabric Guild hunting very carefully this time for the right fabric. Then I chose this garment.

Again very few instructions and all the usual problems of tracing the pattern.

But oh dear it is turning into another NIGHTIE aaaaaaaargh!

It is turning out very wide again, still have more to do and I am going to try and fiddle around more with it. But talking to a few friends last night they said well if I look at the picture in the book it looks like a nightie! Oh shall I give up? I don't know - so frustrated as I really wanted to make something that can be worn other than in bed!

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  1. You're out of the starting blocks at least - I fell at the first hurdle by trying to sharpen my dress making scissors and have ruined them! Now waiting for replacements in the post. Got some chambray lined up but still dithering over which dress :-) Kim