Friday, 11 December 2015


Yesterday I decided it was time to head out into the woods and moorland. Knowing how boggy it can be I selected my clothing carefully and also put on my walking gaiters. I drove to my favourite local walk Ford Moss Reserve.

This is the view one sees when you park! Not quite Leicester! When I think of the woods around here I always have this next picture in my mind.

Even though it is winter there is still colour to be found.

Then as I walked further into the woods I saw this tree. It had obviously been damaged by the recent Storm Desmond.

I felt really saddened , almost as if it was an animal. Then it occurred to me that it doesn't matter how big or strong something is we are still vulnerable to being totally knocked back and fall.

These pictures are to show you what beauty I see.

I entitled this blog "freedom" because that is what I feel when I am here. I find living in a city very restricting, almost as if I cannot breathe. So to come out here is like having my lungs topped up and knowing that this is very much the right place that Mr P and I have chosen to retire to. I am not trying to insult cities - we are all different and I know there are many who would hate living in the coutryside, the quietness etc would drive them mad. Isn't it great that we are all different.

Beauty everywhere.

Often when I come here I see something new and today was no exception. I spotted a deer, but was not quick enough with the camera!.

Also this walk I decided to go off at a different angle and spotted these lovely crags.

Sorry just more lovely views.

I saw this tree on the horizon. How did this tree, all alone, manage to stay standing in the storm. Mmmm sure there is much thinking to be done on the issue of being a tree and comparing it with my life.

Sorry not very good at expressing myself, but the trees gave me a lot to think about.

Seeing all the heather reminds me of one of my favourite folk songs - Blooming Heather sang here by Kate Rusby.

Then I spotted something I've never seen before....

This was a mining area and here I think is a disused lifting device.

So lovely to be looking at history.

What an amazing find - need to speak to hubby to understand more what would have gone on here.

Well time to close and get on with the next day. Bye from Northumberland.

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