Sunday, 23 December 2012

Come Have A Peep Around My Christmas Home!

Been too busy to blog for a while - it's that mad time of year when all housewives/mothers have to complete their exams (shopping/baking/cleaning/ oh and going to work and be ready for 25th December).

So seems as I have fallen into that category and have been burning the wick at both ends of the day I thought I'd let you have a peep around my home and see what I've been up to.

My dad bought me this decoration last year. The previous year he bought me a set of little trees (the gold one just being one of them that you can see).

Dad bought me this decoration this year.

 These large cones I found on a beach in France this year and I sprayed them.

No 4 son bought me this candle decoration when he was small from the Leeds Christmas German market.

Dad took my sister, her family and Mr P and myself out for a meal and on the pub table were two decorations.He had bought them for the event and for us to take them home - how sweet and thoughtful of him.

This is my pride and joy and is treated almost with reverence. Many years ago we had a Swiss girl come and live with us and her mother made this nativity set for us.

Many years ago I made this cross stitch when it was all the rage. Shame I didn't allow some material for the top.

The front end of the room with the twinkling lights, oh and my first crocheted granny cushion.

The rear end of the room with more twinkling lights and my second granny square cushion.

Even the Welsh dresser has been dusted, ready for all the many rounds of food to come!

Boxes full of presies to give away.

My usual snowy Christmas cake - new addition this year is Santa's washing line!

The fridge is full! It is a military operation to remove or find anything! Should say that all my lovely children are returning home for Christmas and my dad. So I shall be feeding eleven people over the next few days.

Not even the inside door can escape the bulge!

The pantry where I store usually my cake tins etc cannot escape the food.

Under the stairs cupboard is storing the potatoes, vegetables and boxes of cakes.

And even in the airing cupboard spare J2O's!

Hope you enjoyed have a nose. Probably will not have time to blog till after Christmas so I would like to wish all my readers a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2013.

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