Thursday, 28 February 2013

In Training

Last night I asked Mr P to accompany me to a store that we have not been to for about 18 years. I wanted him to come with me because I felt I need some therapy or rather training. I find it hard to believe it has been this long since we went to buy something from this store when there was a time in our lives when this store would almost be a weekly trip. You may well ask what shop am I on a about?

They still have the catalogue and in some ways the store looks rather familiar and I feel as if time has stood still. Think I'm finding it hard to believe it's not me I am having to buy for but my daughter. Where have all the years gone - she can't be old enough to be a mum yet - she's still my baby. She's still the little girl running out of the door with her hair in a whale style and her school uniform thrown on.

An assistant comes up to us I think a little confused as I guess we didn't look quite like the average shopper in there. She was probably even more confused after talking to us. Looking at this picture on the catalogue that's how old I feel - the mirror is telling lies. Well that is until I start thinking about all those sleepless nights and the never ending energy required in raising children - mmmm me thinks that perhaps the mirror isn't telling lies.

Well you can't go into a shop like this and come out with nothing, so not knowing the sex and in denial that any grandchild of ours could ever be small enough to fit into a 0-3 month range of clothing we come away with a bath towel! What are we like!?

 But the towel bought back happy  memories of our children having fun in the bath and then snuggling them into these towels with the cute hat/type corners, smelling so wonderfully sweet. Oh dear enough emotion - time to get ready for work.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Grumbles and water

Last night saw me in a bad mood - I don't often feel like this but yesterday was the exception. Think my frustration came about from working too long hours at work, having someone offload their marriage problems without asking and knees hurting. So in distance past when I've felt a bit low or not been able to deal with a situation I've got my knitting out. Off I went into the wardrobe, a bit like the one in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to dig out some gorgeous cotton wool by peaches n'creme. A dishcloth - yes that is what I knit when I'm disgruntled. Buried myself in a gorgeous French pattern, watched some tv on IPlayer and it was not until I finished it did I realise my mistake!

Think my holes went in the wrong place but hey ho it's only going to be used to wash dishes with and NO I am not blocking it when shortly it will be in a bowl of washing up.

Today felt as if it was going from bad to worse. Decided it was time to call the solicitor up re the claim after the accident last September. Beginning of February they had emailed me and asked for some photographs which I sent the next day, should say this comes after months of filling in millions of forms, physio reports and a medical examination. They then said they would get back to me well they have not. During the conversation it became obvious that they have not done anything! AAAARGH! So I have made a note in my diary to phone them up again in 2 weeks if I have not heard anything. Then on a mission I got Mr P to phone the police up re the accident as yet again we have not heard anything from them. Discovered that they have only just interviewed the guy that ran his car into us - 5 months after the event! Mr P pointed out that this has taken a while and they said well they have 6  months to deal with it! So the police too are in my diary to chase up. Can you imagine if we all worked like that - nothing would get done.

Well enough moans and off I went to the gym, for some time on the walking machine, the bicycle and then a wonderful swim. Oh the water is just so so so so wonderful. There are no phones, no loud music, no computers, no TV just yourself and time to think. Something about the water has a therapeutic effect on me. Have always liked water whether that's being in it or walking by it or sitting and dreaming by it. Now that I am truly destressed, calm off for a well earnt cuppa and off to work.

Monday, 25 February 2013

UFO and Chinese

This weekend has certainly been filled up with lots of activity.  I've already told you about Friday night and a very late bed time. Saturday was filled with a lovely baby baptism in a wonderfully heated church building, as outside it was trying to snow.
Back home and a quick visit from Mrs A with my birthday presie she's made for me - I knew it was coming and I was sooo looking forward to seeing what it might be, as she makes the most adorable things and everything she makes comes out fantastic - doesn't even look homemade! Thats how good she is. I was not disappointed - just look, isn't it fabulous? I'm so lucky!

This was then followed by preparing for a group of young people to come around for a Chinese takeaway. We'd previously ordered the meal for 15 people from Marchee Wok and the owner promised to do us a lovely meal. Well the youngsters turned up and after a phone call to check food was on its way we finally sat down all expectant - Chinese music playing in the background. Mr P goes to the door to collect the food and comes in with one big box. I think hmm not sure that's going to be much for us all, but what the heck I'm sure we will manage. Then he comes back in with a second box so I was much relieved, but then he returns with a third box! Oh my word I have never seen so much Chinese food in my life. Put it like this everyone ate well, everyone went home with doggy bags and I was still left enough food to be able to freeze five meals for us two!

After an exhausting week and weekend saw me playing hooky from church and relaxing with a trip to the Fabric Guild, phone call to Northern Ireland to arrange a trip to see my daughter, booking of a flight, cooking a scrumptious roast loin pork dinner with all the trimmings and time to finish a shamefully UFO that was started one or two years ago!

Before blocking.

Being blocked.

I just sooo love the colours and the gorgeous soft kid silk haze wool, by Rowan.

Typical now I have completed the scarf it is raining and there is a wind blowing!

Quick take another picture before the wind blows again or the builders behind me cut anymore bricks and send a gust of brick dust my way!

Looking forward to wearing my new shawl, just need a dress to go with it now!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

What A Week

I'm not sure where this week has gone - it could be the 43 hours or so at work that has not helped, father in law in hospital, funeral, one very busy hubby, 3 trips to the gym, craft group, Bach choir, out to a gig, food shopping and housework. Note the priority order - housework last!

Time to show you a few new bits and pieces around my home.

Tilda doll made by No.1 in Northern Ireland for my birthday. Oh I wish I had a figure like Tilda! Dream on!

Aren't these owls divine! Presie from No 3 in Bristol.

Buntings completed.

You may be asking why the heck am I showing you a picture of a knife rack - well there is a little story behind it. Some years ago No 4 in Scotland bought it me and Mr P hung it up 8 " below where it is now. Well the knives were a hazard to health as they kept falling off(the tiles below caused a problem with width) and dangerously just missing our toes! Amazingly we still both have 10 toes each. Then one day I came home and it had been repositioned - Mr P just did it - no nagging, no must put it on my job list etc he just did it. Oh what a difference it makes we are now safe from flying knives.

Last night we went out to a gig, at a local working mens club. Not the most salubrious of venues but this did not affect the fantastic foot stomping Irish music. The band consisted of 13 people who were all multi talented. They all seemed to be able to play several instruments and either sing or be able to do Irish dancing. The gig didn't get going till 8.30pm but with one break went through to 10.45pm.

Would love to add a video I took of their music and dancing but blogger would go mad with how much space it would take up!

Then you'd think that would be the end of the evening but oh no - lots of people in the audience came with their musical instruments and started jamming together.  Amongst the players were plenty of younger children -who instead of whinging because they were tired were wide awake playing amazingly fast jigs etc. Also the group on stage joined in too and they'd been up at 3am in order to travel from Southern Ireland! I believe this musical session went on till 12:30.

What a great night.


Oh dear only accomplished one recipe this week.

A rather quick and easy yummy dinner.

I got this book from a charity shop and I've used the book a few times - can recommend it if you're only paying a few pennies for it.

In fact it was sooo yummy that I almost forgot to take a picture. Ainsley's dish was more yellow because he's posh and uses saffron - I could only afford to use turmeric.

 127 cookery books     14 recipes completed        112 books to go.

Going to have to record all my cookery books and tick off which ones I have used , as I'm already beginning to wonder "have I used this book yet?"

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Saturday Birthday

Had a very special day. After opening my lovely cards and presies we headed out to Derbyshire to Hopton House to see some snowdrops. The weather was glorious - lovely bright warmish sunny winters day, with a small amount of leftover snow in the fields.

This small bunch were my favourite snowdrops - think they were a different variety.

Not sure what sort of flowers these are but they looked pretty.

 Thought this tree was rather special with its amazing amount of cones.

A rather spectacular statue.

After a cuppa we had a walk around a lovely local market town and then went to The Threshing Barn in Staffordshire. Lovely woolly shop with an amazing array of courses. Hoping later on this year to go on one of the basket weaving courses.  This was then followed by a lovely meal out at a pub. Back in time to have the energy to watch the last two final episodes of Lewis (boo hoo no more Lewis :( )

Here are a few of some of my cards:

Just love these words.


And finally thought you might like to have a peep at this weeks craft night.

This lady has finally finished her cushions - she has decided to make them into seat pads.

2 ladies were busy knitting squares for charity.

Another lady busy with creating a rural scene.

Just look at all these beads -like being in a sweetie shop!

And this was what she made during the evening as a gift for one of her friends - lucky friend.

This was made by someone we do not know but given as a gift. A bag made out of old ties - wicked!

And finally a glimpse at something I'm making at the moment.

Friday, 15 February 2013

In Between Celebrations.

February is always special for Mr P and me - both celebrating our birthdays and Valentines day in between.

Today sees the end of my 41 days of being a dry athlon and  in order to celebrate I invited my dad over for dinner and a good glass of red wine. Also this helps me accomplish a little bit more of my challenge.

I have cooked a few of the recipes and have enjoyed them BUT NEVER EVER managed to prepare them in 30 minutes! Maybe if I had a team of many in the background perhaps I could do it in the allotted time.

Seems as I am cooking for my dad and Mr P it needed to be something rather English and not spicy, so opted for this yummy chicken pie meal. Comes out a lovely flavour and I have never before cooked lettuce with peas - but can recommend it.

Note the hearts - made out of bits of leftover pastry. Oh making the carrot smash was rather disastrous as I ended up with bits of carrots flying everywhere as I tried in vain to mash it! Reckon I shall be finding bits of carrots for a few days to come!

Also made the pudding that he suggests to accompany this meal. The observant of you will notice that the dish at the back has less cream - not because I was being mean to someone but my body only allows me to eat a little cream before it disagrees with me.

When dad comes to visit I try and bake something for him to take home and his favourite is lemon drizzle cake so made him two before he came and a few more fruit muffins. The cake recipe comes out of a cookery book not used yet in my challenge - whooppee! Today I've realised I'm going to need to list the books I have used as already I am beginning to forget which ones have been used for the challenge.

Well used recipe!

 127 cookery books     15 recipes completed        113 books to go.

Look I know the maths don't add up but that's because I used 2 recipes from 1 book! 

Oh and finally have a look what's waiting in the hall for me! How exciting - I'll be able to open them tomorrow.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day.

What more can a girl want to get up to at 6am! A bunch of   dozen red roses, a bottle of red wine and a sloppy card. Aaaagh!

Thank you Mr P - love you very much.

Yesterday saw the return of the snow and oh those poor snowdrops I photographed a few days ago looked so sad when I came home from work last night.

But I do believe today sees the return of milder weather. But inside our busy home the daffodils on my window ledge have just started opening.

Wednesday nights are rehearsal nights for the Leicester Bach choir - so I try and get something easy and quick to cook as I only have about 50-60 minutes between coming in from work and getting out again. So bought a frozen pizza for £2. I think we would have been better off having beans on toast or cheese on toast.

Spot the cheese!

Crafting two nights ago saw the end of my latest project. First clue are these curly bits, which were rather tiresome to make for my hands. Not good for my carpel tunnel.

So what have the flowers and curly bits been for. Well I think it's rather poignant that I have the great reveal / ta dah moment on Valentines Day. Have you guessed what it is? Well it is something I bought from Ikea many years ago but was never happy with it as too many bare wires were on show but now I am very happy.