Friday, 15 February 2013

In Between Celebrations.

February is always special for Mr P and me - both celebrating our birthdays and Valentines day in between.

Today sees the end of my 41 days of being a dry athlon and  in order to celebrate I invited my dad over for dinner and a good glass of red wine. Also this helps me accomplish a little bit more of my challenge.

I have cooked a few of the recipes and have enjoyed them BUT NEVER EVER managed to prepare them in 30 minutes! Maybe if I had a team of many in the background perhaps I could do it in the allotted time.

Seems as I am cooking for my dad and Mr P it needed to be something rather English and not spicy, so opted for this yummy chicken pie meal. Comes out a lovely flavour and I have never before cooked lettuce with peas - but can recommend it.

Note the hearts - made out of bits of leftover pastry. Oh making the carrot smash was rather disastrous as I ended up with bits of carrots flying everywhere as I tried in vain to mash it! Reckon I shall be finding bits of carrots for a few days to come!

Also made the pudding that he suggests to accompany this meal. The observant of you will notice that the dish at the back has less cream - not because I was being mean to someone but my body only allows me to eat a little cream before it disagrees with me.

When dad comes to visit I try and bake something for him to take home and his favourite is lemon drizzle cake so made him two before he came and a few more fruit muffins. The cake recipe comes out of a cookery book not used yet in my challenge - whooppee! Today I've realised I'm going to need to list the books I have used as already I am beginning to forget which ones have been used for the challenge.

Well used recipe!

 127 cookery books     15 recipes completed        113 books to go.

Look I know the maths don't add up but that's because I used 2 recipes from 1 book! 

Oh and finally have a look what's waiting in the hall for me! How exciting - I'll be able to open them tomorrow.

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