Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Saturday Birthday

Had a very special day. After opening my lovely cards and presies we headed out to Derbyshire to Hopton House to see some snowdrops. The weather was glorious - lovely bright warmish sunny winters day, with a small amount of leftover snow in the fields.

This small bunch were my favourite snowdrops - think they were a different variety.

Not sure what sort of flowers these are but they looked pretty.

 Thought this tree was rather special with its amazing amount of cones.

A rather spectacular statue.

After a cuppa we had a walk around a lovely local market town and then went to The Threshing Barn in Staffordshire. Lovely woolly shop with an amazing array of courses. Hoping later on this year to go on one of the basket weaving courses.  This was then followed by a lovely meal out at a pub. Back in time to have the energy to watch the last two final episodes of Lewis (boo hoo no more Lewis :( )

Here are a few of some of my cards:

Just love these words.


And finally thought you might like to have a peep at this weeks craft night.

This lady has finally finished her cushions - she has decided to make them into seat pads.

2 ladies were busy knitting squares for charity.

Another lady busy with creating a rural scene.

Just look at all these beads -like being in a sweetie shop!

And this was what she made during the evening as a gift for one of her friends - lucky friend.

This was made by someone we do not know but given as a gift. A bag made out of old ties - wicked!

And finally a glimpse at something I'm making at the moment.

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