Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Uppingham and Grrrrrrrr

Now my Grrrrrrrrrrrr is because my laptop has been bugging me for I don't know how long to have Windows 10. Now my clever computer son says "mum don't bother with Windows 10". So I have been saying "no", but then a few days ago whilst I was busy listening to a story download from the library on my laptop it suddenly went quiet. I went over to discover it had just started downloading Windows 10. I was not impressed, in fact I was cross with my laptop, but it's very difficult to tell a laptop off! If I could I would have. So whether I like it or not I have these new version of Windows. But my next grrrrrrrr is I cannot work out how to sort out my photographs, the way it was displayed before has disappeared and I'm left with something else. Fortunately or unfortunately, for my son, I am seeing him on Friday night and therefore please please please hoping he will sort me out. So at this point in time of writing I have no idea if I can show you any photographs. Well lets find out.........

Saturday dad came over and after a horrid week of cold dull days the sun made an appearance. So we opted to pop over to Uppingham. The National Garden Scheme had some local gardens and the posh Uppingham School open to view the delightful flowers.

Phew that worked! It was so lovely to be able to walk around the school. There have been a few times when dad and I have stretched our eyes to see into this school and wonder what it looks like.

Guessing this is the height of the iris season as we saw many on our travels and I remember in Monet's garden seeing lots there too.

Now we did get told what the name of these flowers were but it was too complicated for me to remember.

Ther had been a light shower earlier in the morning and the drops left in these leaves look to me like diamonds.

I love the drama of these flowers - sorry don't know the name of them.

Realised that I had never walked around the village, only ever aimed for the shops. So it was lovely to see some of the cute cottages.

I've never before been to one of these afternoons and initially it felt strange wondering, with permission, into someone's back garden. But soon dad and I got the idea.

Should say the money charged (£5) goes to many local charities and it certainly was an entertaining afternoon.

To me this flower looks as if someone came along with a paintbrush and added five strokes of colour to the centre.

Afternoon teas were served in the church halls but the heating had been left on and so we downed the teas as fast as possible as we were melting!

Shame we could not have had tea and cakes outside in one of the gardens.

I know these flowers are called "bleeding hearts".

Final photo from a school window! Have a good week and I think here we are guaranteed some weather that actually resembles summer - hurray!

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