Saturday, 22 March 2014

Guess What, Guess Where?

Apologies for a gap in time blogging but life has been a little difficult over the last few weeks and time to blog has been impossible.

Anyway I decided I would play a little game with you all. The other day this parcel arrived for Mr P when he was out ALL day. I was soooo curious. What the heck comes in this size box?

Standing about 3 foot tall? What is it? Can you guess? Well you have the rest of the blog to guess.

Now this blog is all about games.

Where am I? It's not Leicester! No hills in Leicester.

Now last night Mr P and I went out to see Riding Lights Roughshod Theatre Company.     
They were performing Incredible. And incredible they were. I have no idea how the four thespians could remember sooo many lines and when and what to do.

This is your second clue as to where I am!

Now I have been aware that not all my readers live in England so I thought you might like to see some of the gorgeous daffodils that are brightening our countryside at the moment.

Ok Clue number three.

Any ideas yet?

Ok clue number four.

Seagull, fishing nets surely they must be giving you some idea as to my whereabouts.

Walking boots?

Have you forgotten about the box? Any ideas?

Saw these chickens today - the cockerel is very handsome.

OK I'll put you out of your misery. The box contained a keyboard for Mr P's workplace! What a crazy waste of packaging! Good job he had not had to collect this parcel on his motorbike - he'd have never got it home.

Time for the last three picture clues as to my whereabouts.

Well done - Northumberland. Please don't shout at me - I know I'm away again! I have another weeks holiday left over from last year and I have to take it before the end of March. So I'm back at my home and it feels lovely to be back here again, so soon after last time. Planning on doing some more walks in the Cheviots - I can see that there is snow on the hills. Maybe I will get to see some snow, if I walk high enough. Also want to walk by the coast. Maybe take a train trip to Edinburgh. So much to do and only a week to get it all done! Off for a bath now, bit tired as I was up at 04:50 and left Leicester home at 05:40.


  1. Apologies, I've just read it properly, lol

  2. Not a bad guess! Golly its hard to keep up with all of your blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your life is looking very excited, never know what adventures you'll be getting up to next! But have to say I didn't get too excited at the octopus curry!