Monday, 12 November 2012

Ramblings and Prize

Was a rather strange week that started with a trip to a doctor for a private medical for the insurance company. This doctor then said that I was in danger of having a frozen shoulder and once my pain stopped whatever progress I had made would be final. This left me feeling rather deflated and phoning my GP for stronger pain killers to up the exercises. Well to cut a long story short by Thursday and Friday I discovered that the information I had been given was rubbish and was reassured that I had made masses of progress. Also that a frozen shoulder was not likely but the physios would sit on me if necessary to move it! So not to worry. Trouble was the tablets I had started taking were creasing me as they contained codeine and I was eating fruit and dried fruit nearly all day for 4 days to compensate for their side effects of bunging me up, oh and also they made me feel rather sleepy. Come Friday when I stopped this regime and reverted to paracetamol and ibuprofen oh my poor stomach was doing somersaults and it was not pleasant for two days. Well enough of my aching shoulder - golly how long will this story run on for( now 7 weeks).

Woke up Saturday to this on the living room window! How revolting. This reminded me of a story when my sister and I were small. Mom and dad gave us each an empty jam jar to go out into the garden and fill with slugs and snails. They said they would pay us half an old penny each for every one we caught. I think my sister gave up after a few but I continued to fill my jam jar right to the top. I went in to display my jar and get my money. Mom screamed, as they were coming over the top. They never did count how many I had collected and just gave me a lump sum of money - I always felt cheated that they never counted them! Funny what you remember!
This morning we went into Leicester to the Cathedral to buy some charity Christmas cards, Even though we have been married for 34 years this was the first time we have ever chosen some cards together. When we were younger we just bought the cheap supermarket cards as that was all we could afford, in later years I have made them but this year I have phyiscally not been able to do this.Oh it was so hard to choose the cards so many lovely pictures and so many well deserving charities. But in the end opted for one design as Mr P rightly said that we would spend ages deciding which card to send to who if we had more than one choice! How right he is. This was followed by a trip to Carluccios for a coffee, but even then it was more decisions did we want to see the breakfast menu or the lunch menu? I just stood there looking perplexed and the waiter was not helpful. But in the end I insisted on seeing both and then opting for a rather large yummy almond croissant off the trolley!(so did Mr.P) Then a stroll through lovely John Lewis back to the car - they are so good at making everything look so wonderful.
The afternoon was spent with Mr P trying to mend my cooker as it has started trying to spark and set the oven to on permanently. He tried cleaning the sensors etc etc but to no avail. So we have worked out a way to be able to use it and get rid of the noise. I did two trips to food shops as I seemed to have missed vital ingredients off my shopping lists.
Then I managed to finish off my second crochet cushion - so proud of them, and I so love the bright colours. This is all thanks to the inspiration of the blog Attic 24, I just love the bright colours Lucy uses.

Saturday evening we went to see the new James Bond film - golly it's hard work sitting still and not being able to knit or crochet or sew. I enjoyed the film but not really sure it was a true traditional Bond film.

Sunday was my turn to collect the minibus and take some older folks to church. But before this I made a trip to my sweetie shop(Fabric Guild) for some extra material for the quilt I am trying to make. The afternoon we had a band practice and then eventually I had some me time. Trouble was I was so tired that I didn't really have the energy and had to put it away after I had machined a few rows.

Oh well sat in front of the television and watched a murder of course and started on some new granny squares.

This morning I got up and one of the chickens was being naughty! Sitting on top of their house! The girlies are beginning to look much better with their new coats - but still NO eggs! Goes against the grain having to buy eggs.


Yes here's a picture of the prize. There have been no entries yet so if you enter currently you have a good chance of winning!

He comes complete with a small jingle bell!

All you've got to do is guess how many cookery books I have in my home. Answers at the bottom of this blog or email them to  - go on give it a go!

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