Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Guess The Dinner?

At Christmas time (golly that seems an eternity ago now) my wonderful No 1 daughter kindly wrapped some food up and placed it in the freezer. Decided it was time to start using it - but what is it?

Definitely does not look like vanilla ice cream!

Close up view. Mr P and I think it is a beef casserole.

Also found this dish - so hopefully it will go together.

Meanwhile time to complete another dish.....

This pudding I was going to make at the weekend.

Often looked at this book but not used many recipes from it.

Starts off in a frying pan - doesn't it look pretty.

Then it was covered with pastry and baked in the oven. This is what it look likes before I inverted it.

Ta dah one yummy pear tarte tatin.

Well any guesses as to the dinner?

Well we got it wrong but only a bit wrong.

It was slices of roast beef in gravy. Thankfully this obviously went well with the mash and veggies. I know there are a few more mystery items in the freezer, from Christmas. In fact they look so mysterious that we do not know if it is even sweet or savoury! So you will have more opportunities to guess the frozen product.

17 books used. 110 books to go. 300 days to go.

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