Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cookery Challenge Update

Oh heck it has been nearly a month since my last update and I have only accomplished FOUR books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! My excuse is you need to see my blog - Disorientated and Waiting  

Should point out that I am still waiting to be a grandma - oh the waiting is agonizing. Takes me right back to being pregnant and remembering those days of going past my due date and still NO baby.

Well back to cooking or rather the lack of it!

Mrs A and hubby came to dinner and I was rather foolish and cooked three courses all from one book - what a wasted opportunity to use more books!

I love sunflowers - love going to France and seeing fields of them.

For starters I prepared this tomato dish - simple and easy to prepare.

Sadly I cannot find the photographs I took for this meal - well I thought I had taken some pictures, maybe I'm mistaken.

I thought this pudding sounded nice, but sadly Mrs.A's hubby does not like rice in a sweet dish. Fortunately, having a hubby who adores ice cream, I was able to rummage in the freezer and offer him some alternative.

Whilst we were away on our family holiday - you may remember Mr P made No 1 daughter a birthday cake and it came from this book.

The book has been well used over the years - having had four children. I have a feeling it may get used more with grandchildren on the horizon.

Here's a reminder of the cake.

Since England has at long last decided it is time to celebrate summer and bring on the heat - I have sought refuge with this book.

It is a lovely book to read on its own without thinking of cooking.

Well what have I been using this book for?

Mint tea of course! With my lovely pot and glasses - bought back last year from Marrakesh.

And my final book was one I used yesterday. Suddenly I had this craving for a recipe that would send my children trembling! The reason being was that when they were growing up we did not have much money and this recipe was so useful in making the food allowance go further. It was a recipe that I used to serve with either pasta, rice or baked potato. But it was filling and nutritious and the most expensive item being the red pepper.

I can almost hear them groaning as they read this blog. I guess because I cooked it regularly. But I wonder as they now face having a more limited budget with children on the way whether they will find themselves making it!

I can vividly recall seeing No 1 daughter pulling her kidney beans out of the dish and others eager to have them!

So here is the dreaded recipe.

I had it yesterday with some left over new potatoes and it was scrummy yummy. I guess the heat of the spices makes this dish.Tonight I am having, what was leftover, with pasta. Thanks to a friend called Sharon from Sheffield who introduced me to this dish.

67 books used. 60 books to go. 160 days to go to the end of the challenge.

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