Monday, 29 July 2013

Saturday Witterings

Friday night whist waiting for Mr P to come home from Northumberland I decided to make another shopping bag with some fabric from  some charm packs.

 When I saw the pack at Fabric Guild I knew I just loved all the bright colours and so the back is slightly different.

 Saturday dad came over and this provided a brilliant opportunity to use a few cookbooks and knock some more off my challenge. So for lunch  I prepared a lovely small French dish.

Even if you are not into cooking it is a lovely book to sit down and read, photography is great and it made me yearn for more holidays in France.

Served this dish with some lovely rosemary foccaccio bread. Then I made some cake - using one of dad's favourite ingredients "marzipan".

I took this picture as I was scared it might not come out of the tin! But ta dah

 I have never made a cake before where you use 250g of marzipan almost melted mixed with the usual cake ingredients - but it was very yummy and we had some raspberries with a slice.

Seeing this picture reminded me I never sprinkled icing sugar on the top of my cake.

In the afternoon after giving dad a choice of venues he opted for the  outing to Uppingham again. This is one of our favourite shops.

It looks rather posh and not one I would normally dare enter but as you go through the front door the shop opens up into lots of different areas with many people selling their wares. Upstairs they have a few bookshelves and we usually end up buying some books from here. I have decided that if I am to be the true "Nice Murder Knitter" then I need to start collecting some of Agatha Christies' books. So here is the start of what will be a collection.

It is a first edition.

Golly it was sooo humid during the afternoon. We enjoyed the walk back to the car going via the local allotments. I love seeing all the vegetables lined up as if they were at school.

But this person had them lined up behind signs - soooo sweet.

Well before I bore you all with my final cookery book of the day I thought I would side track. Did you know that when people are asked for the longest word they know, they often say   antidisestablishmentarianism - 28 letters long wow!

Well finally we headed home and after a flying visit from Mrs A and hubby (recently returned from their holiday in Aldeburgh) and on their way to the local yummy Chinese take away  - I prepared a rather late dinner. Dad and I just managed to pick some beans from my garden before the heavens truly opened up. In  fact it rained so much that some of the roads flooded and it took dad an extra 20 minutes to get home.

We had my favourite salmon, prawn skewers done on a gas barbecue in the rain, served with delicious Cornish new potatoes. Then for afters - another marzipan theme....


Sorry I did not take a picture as it was sooo late at night. But I did cook them on the barbecue.

I have used this book many times. It might not be a designer cookbook but has some great ideas.

70 books used. 60 books to go. 155 days to go to the end of the challenge.

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