Sunday, 21 July 2013

Barnsdale Gardens

With Mr P away I decided I needed an outing. As I have never been before I opted to visit Barnsdale Gardens. It was created by Geoff Hamilton for BBC Gardeners' World.

I have to tell you I took 176 pictures of the gardens but don't worry I have tried just to pick out a few of my favourites.

This is the apple arch and these two girls were so well behaved as their mummy and daddy were busy getting ideas for their own garden.

Nearly all the different sections of gardens had a seating area. I love the blue spiky flowers in the foreground.

I like this ladder shelving - such a good idea if you have a limited garden with space. Think this a good idea for our small garden in Northumberland.

I love looking at roses when they are in bloom but I personally find them rather boring the rest of the year around.

This metal rose sculpture was made out of scraps and  out of the top is water spraying gently. Wish I knew someone who could recreate something like this.

I'd never think of mixing sculptures with plants - bit isn't this one just exquisite.

This is a small Japanese garden with a painting - there were many paintings scattered around the gardens. I presume they put them away when it rains.

After all the heat from the last week this morning I woke up to a fine rain. Makes the plants look pretty.

This is called a ballerina rose - I have never seen roses like this - rather delicate.

I learnt much from walking around the gardens but from this one I realised that vegetable gardens do not just have to be vegetables but flowers can be mixed in.

These red currants are just like red jewels, and they were mixed in with a clematis.

Never seen Thai poppies before - lovely delicate colour.

Just so perfect.

Recycled fish - the small girls liked it too.

There was an event at the gardens - 1920's croquet competition.

If you have not been to the gardens and you happen to be in the area of Oakham/Rutland Water then it is well worth a visit.

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