Sunday, 12 October 2014

You're Never Too Old

Now if you knew me then you'd know I am a nightmare when it comes to buying clothes for a wedding. I go through the same pattern of thoughts as I look at the clothes - "Oh it needs to be posh for a wedding, but I look ridiculous in those sorts of clothes". As I walk around the shops this theme repeats itself. Some people offered to come with me and very strongly I responded with the word "NO" - as it's bad enough for me but not to have to put someone else through my trauma!

Now this trauma started on Friday afternoon, after work. I headed off to Market Harborough thinking "ooh if I could get a dress this afternoon then I won't have to spend Saturday clothes hunting". So I went into
White Stuff
Fat Face
Jacks For Women
Doyles Fashion

 There were many more but these are the ones I can remember. Most of them I tried on armful of clothes but to no avail. Mind you I went into one shop and I had to pretend to be interested. The shop assistant came up to me and informed me that the clothes were arranged in collections and when I saw the price tag I nearly choked! Thank goodness nothing appealed to me. Well at least I had got a head start in deciding with the fashion what style dresses suit my massive size and which ones to not even bother trying on!

Next day Mr P dropped me off in Leicester last at 8.55am and I headed off to John Lewis. This is my favourite department store. I selelcted sooooo many dresses over my arms that when it came to the dressing room the assistant said lamely "how many clothes have you got?" I replied that I had no idea and she tried to count and gave up. Think she recognised the hopeless shopper in me and took pity and just let me go into a changing room. I only had a small handbag - so guess she thought that there was no way I could be smuggling those clothes out of the store! There was one dress that I thought it could do, but nothing setting my pulse racing. So sheepishly I came out of the cubicle and asked for just the one dress to be set aside for me. Then I continued out of the store desperately trying not to get distracted by the wonderful china and kitchenware department:( If I recalled all the shops I went into then I would never ever finish this blog. Let's put it like this I continued all the way through Leicester getting down to two shops!

I got very excited when I came across this shop Pepperberry. Outside it claims to be a clothes shop for ladies with larger boobs! The shop is well laid out and feels inviting. So I do my usual and go around and collect masses of clothes to try on. But somehow my big boobs don't seem to be quite big enough for this shop and the clothes, as nice as they were, and plenty would have been suitable for the wedding just did not fit right. Despondent and with the thought in my mind last hope I reluctantly walked into Fenwicks. This is another large department stall - rather old fashioned looking. I climbed the stairs and entered the ladies clothing department to be greeted with a range of clothes from Masai. My heart leaped for joy. There was a huge range of their clothing and of course I busily threw many styles and colour dresses over my arm. Yet again another wonderful shop assistant taking pity and letting me take ALL the clothes into the dressing room. Then I was left with a wonderful choice of two dresses!!!!!!!!!!! I ended up calling Mr P and dragging him out into the rain to come and help me choose. The sales assistant and Mr P both agreed which dress it should be - so that made it simple. Not only was the dress reasonably priced but also, unbeknown to me, there was a 20% sale on Masai clothes!

 Only photo this blog - I'm not showing you the dress but this is a sample of the fabric.

Mr P said I needed a bold piece of jewelry to make the dress rather more special. So I spent the rest of the afternoon hunting for a bag, shoes and necklace in purple. Now let me tell you I have done ALL the shops in Leicester and purple is not in this season! Plenty of aubergine and lilac but NOT purple. Shoes are a nightmare as I have exceptionally wide feet, bunions, high brow and flat feet! My feet are a disaster area. I did go into one shop and they ordered me some shoes in but sadly they do not fit so I still have to sort this part of my attire out. I could not find a bag but when I got home I found something else that will do the job nicely. Now the necklace well what a nightmare. Clutching my fabric I hunted and hunted. Then at 17:40 as the shops were closing I sadly headed back to the carpark. But as I walked down a small street I suddenly found  a shop selling jewelry and pictures! Strange combination. But anyway there in the window was a PURPLE necklace! Wahay! I almost walked past the shop as I was rather shy of going into this small shop but am so pleased I went in because the necklace was perfect. It did not have a price on display and cost more than I was thinking of paying but then I thought - get a grip girl you haven't spent much on a dress or anything else - go for it! And so I did BUT it came with some earrings for pierced ears and they matched beautifully. Trouble is I am such a whimp that I have never had my ears pierced - too scared. Went home and thought about it and after a conversation with daughter number two decided it was time to do something about this issue.

Monday morning I woke up in a sweat. This was the first day that I started to cycle to work and it was pouring with rain!  So I was anxious as to how it would be cycling and then I get even more into a stew as I thought about how after work I was going to get my ears done. Now I did not tell anyone I was going to do this  as I was not sure whether I could go through with it or not and did not want to look silly if I backed out. So from work I cycled into Leicester, took the bike to a wonderful place by the town hall where you pay very little to have your bike left securely - Bike Park. I did not want to leave my sparkling new Wrennie chained up in the town centre and be fretting about her. Then I walked across the town to Claire's Accessories. By the time I reached there I was sweating. My face was bright red and I was trembling. But no I went inside and fortunately at the time of day I went there were very few people inside and I did not have to look silly in front of lots of teenage girls. The assistant made me sit on this high chair and then want me to make decisions! How do I know what to choose - just do it! The kind girl helped me make a sensible decision as to what earrings to have and then what seemed an eternity started getting things ready!!!! Then she gives me a clip board to read and sign. I did have my glasses but I could hardly take in what I was reading. After I signed she then insisted that she had to give me after care instructions. I pleaded with her to tell me this after the piercing but I reckon she wouldn't because I think she thought I was going to faint! From advice from my daughter I asked them to do both ears at once - so glad I had been given this info. So the girl draws on my ears to get the mark in the right place and looking equal. Then a second assistant comes along and together they count down from 3 to 1 and that's it bingo earrings are in and I'm left wondering why have I waited till the grand old age of 54 to have them done! They were lovely and so understanding, sure I gave them something to talk and laugh about for the rest of the day!

So now I am the proud owner of some small gold ball earrings and look forward to the day when I can choose lots of lovely dangly ones to wear. Of course it now means that I can wear those earrings that came with the necklace for the wedding. When I got home I had to have a bath as I had sweated so much in fear! Well there you go "never too old!"

PS - somebody asked me how many dresses had I tried on and I reckon easily 70-80!

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