Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Jazzy Weekend

It's at this time of year that both Mr P and I celebrate our birthdays along with Valentine's Day.. So quite often we combine a treat. It started with Friday evening and some tickets being given to us to go and listen to Zoe Rahman and her band.

Sorry not a good picture but I was not sure if it was good etiquette to take a picture. Anyway she was brilliant and played with a drummer and a double bass player.  If she's in your area then she's well worth listening to. I was not sure if we would enjoy a whole evening of this sort of music, but we sat there enthralled. Well after a late night we were up early and this time headed out to Cambridge. This is somewhere I've never really been before. But seems as we were going to be near a shop where I have purchased a dress pattern online I persuaded Mr P to do a small detour before heading into the big city. So we headed first to somewhere just near to Comberton, to Backstitch. As we drove into the carpark, I spotted these beautiful creatures. Would have liked to have lingered longer to watch them but it was bitterly cold and the fabric shop was calling.

So what did I get?

I've seen a few of Merchant and Mills patterns online and have thought about doing one. So with the assurance that the pattern suits a beginner I purchased it. Looking forward to making the top. Then it was time to get the bus and visit Cambridge. Golly the park and ride was brilliant. Now as this was a treat for the two of us we went to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum. Realised I did not take a picture of the building - but it was freezing cold and I guess I was eager to get into the warmth.

This is the amazing ceiling in the entrance lobby.

Love the way that pottery gives you a glimpse into the some of the history - here being the tee total movement. But then the next picture saying the opposite!

Who would want this mug - to celebrate your neighbour's hanging perhaps?

There was a special display of some of Turners' works. This one excited me as it a picture of Norham Castle which is near to our home in Northumberland.

I loved the shape of the room with the gallery.

After all this browsing it was time for a spot of lunch.

The scone was enormous and kept me going the rest of the afternoon.

Then we decided to be brave and face the cold again. Golly I have never ever seen so many bicycles in my life - they were everywhere. Literally any rail, lamp post was adorned with cycles. In fact some people didn't even bother attaching their bikes to anything. Don;t think they would do that in Leicester!

Yes you are seeing right a bin, but there is a man playing a guitar in there, like you do!

 We decided that we would come back another day and go on an official trip around the colleges.

There were lots of people trying to sell us punting trips - you had to be very brave or mad to have sat on a boat in such cold conditions.

Thanks for popping by. Next blog I shall be a year older! :(

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