Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bags / Baskets

After a previous posting about a new bag I had made this comment was made by my daughter:

"What do you do with all these bags?!"

Firstly I should say she should be getting on with having a baby but I won't say that. But also coming from a girl this question! Just shows how out of sorts she is. Can a girl ever have too many bags? Well I thought perhaps it was time I had a look at my shopping bags/baskets.

This one was made because I just loved the fabric!

This one was made out of some bits of fabric that I was given from someone at work.

Also I love green colours.

This one was made some years ago when my mum was alive. She bought me the panel and I was not too sure what to do with it. So used it for a practical purpose.

This one I was thinking about days at the beach. To use it for carrying books, drinks, sun tan lotion etc.

OK I just liked the fabric with the cute small owls! Again an excuse to make another bag!

This bag saw the start of a slightly larger size which makes it great for filling with lots of shopping.

Chrismas shopping bag made by Mrs A who put my Christmas presie inside.

Now this basket I love. I bought a few years ago in France. It is very strong and large. When I take this into the supermarket it receives masses of comments and recollections of cooking at school. So a good bag if you are feeling lonely and desperately want someone to talk to you!

Another bag bought in France - this type of bag is used lots there. If you visit the markets, where they sell the most delicious products, you will see lots of these bags being used.

This bag in my boot was made after being inspired by a blog written by the Dutch Sisters. Here it is being used to store a plastic basket full of nicotine replacement products for work.

Also in the boot of my car the one I made at the weekend - full of more nicotine replacement products.

Another basket bought in France that is used around the French markets to hold your precious delicate peaches, tomatoes etc. 

Yet another basket - ooops storing a project using hexi puffs! It's one of my UFO's. Hopefully one day I will get inspired to finish this project.

Now this was the start of my addiction with bags! It was made by Mrs A and given as a presie. It's her fault not mine!

What I should say in my defence is that they do get used regularly. I take them when I go food shopping and I use them for work. Also Mr P likes to use them for various reasons - carrying his many books or when he goes away on his motor bike. He likes to be able to put stuff in them as they squash easily into his panniers. Also I should say I took them on our family holiday and first thing in the morning there was a fight for them. As my family were using them to store their picnic!

OK I confess I have another bag that I want to make. BUT this one is especially for Mr P - hence the colours and pattern - more manly I thought. 

Finally the last photograph of something I am busy making at the moment. But it is only a small bit - you can try and guess what it is!