Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Cat Is Back.

I have finally returned to Leicester home and back to a hubby who was very keen to see me again. We are not used to being apart for so long and so often, so the feelings were mutual. As the journey back home varies between four to four and a half hours driving I have a plan how I'm going to split the journey up. Yesterday I was delighted to be listening to Radio 4 and they were playing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. This really isn't my cup of tea and I have tried to read this book but never really liked it that much. Yesterday hearing it being performed live was excellent and I can recommend anyone to listen to it on IPlayer but you'll probably need to do it soon before it gets taken off. Now the reason for me blurting on about this was that I stopped at Wetherby Service Station. The radio is playing and I am in this different zone when I think "did I just see a naked man?" No just get on and drink your tea girl. But then I look again and no it's not the radio sending me crazy I am seeing something strange.

What a sight - not pretty. I have since been told that he is wearing a mankini! All I could think of was that it was a good job he was partying yesterday when the weather had warmed up and not the previous day when the temperature was 6 degrees! Moving swiftly on to the rest of the day. As it was soooo gorgeous outside Mr P and I went on our usual walk around, what we joke as one of Leicester's few tourist attractions, Foxton Locks. There were plenty of others out enjoying the sunshine. We even stopped to enjoy an ice cream - such a contrast to the previous day when I was wearing many layers, with hat and gloves! Anyway we stopped to see a field full of very young lambs, but Mr P decided he had to take a photo with his phone and I couldn't understand why for a while. Then as I stood there puzzled thinking isn't it cute that Mr P likes to take a picture of cute lambs like me when I got it.

The sign in the background says "Shoulder of Mutton"! It is in fact a Chinese restaurant but looks like a pub! Have to say I have never been in there but according to Trip Advisor it is rated 147 out of 766 restaurants in Leicester. Mr P put the picture on facebook and has had various comments such as:-

 "We don't want to ram it home, but ewe'll be amazed at how good our food is..."

"Please don't lamb-ast me for that last one"
" Cold shoulder if you don't "like" our lamb"
" Buy local, choose before you eat"

Mothers Day.

Oh I was greeted today with a lovely email from one of my daughters. She has recently started writing a blog and it was a kind of a wonderful way to say thank you. Click here to read what she said. Her blog is called The Mum, The Dog and The Baby. Needless to say I ended up blubbing. Then I had the delight of opening up my cards.

Later on the doorbell rang with a delivery of these beautiful flowers from my daughter in Northern Ireland. Such a proud mummy to have my four wonderful children. I'd really like to show you a photograph of them all but I have promised them that I wouldn't be doing that on my blog. But deep down I'm desperate to show my children to you all.

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