Monday, 17 March 2014

Unashemedly Babies

The last two weekends I have had the privilege of being able to spend time with my grandchildren. So I have lots of cute photographs.

The above two pictures are of Rowan. He's such a character. I think his favourite hobby is eating! He's still breast fed but also eating solids - which he adores. He doesn't need persuading to try different foods.

Here is one of the twins being held by Rowan's daddy! So sweet they are both just trying to hold each others hands.

Below is another twin having a bottle. Being that bit  younger they are still having plenty of milk and a bit of solids.

Grandad doing the first nappy since our children were babies! Strange how these skills all come flooding back. Just like to point out that it was only a wet nappy - so he had it easy! But still brave! Now when our children were little Mr P did loads of nappies - he was great with them.

Twins aren't quite ready to sit up yet. They are very happy to lie on their backs and play with their toys.

As it got later on in the afternoon we were all laid on the floor, along with the girls and Rowan. Think we were all getting a little sleepy.

I'm really looking forward to the time when they are all a little older and playing together. I have a feeling that the girls are going to gang up on Rowan.

Well I'm sure you can see why I just couldn't resist blogging about my grandchildren - aren't I lucky?

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