Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Full

Strange how one phone call can alter your life so much. Somehow the news that two of my children are to become parents has thrown me into a manic phase - somehow I feel as if I've got to get all my jobs done before the babies arrive. Was going to spend all Saturday crafting but then decided I would probably go a bit loopy staying in all day and so went for a stroll round some of our local shops and library.  Managed to find a couple more items to add to my granny basket.

Then a trip into the library to get a new story cd found me just mooching around the books and then I saw this book on display.

I just have to borrow it! Haven't had time to read it yet but it looks good.

Going back to crafting I have threatened to complete a quilt this Easter - in order to knock one of my UFO's off the list (unfinished objects). Sadly when the postman came today he did not have the wool I had ordered for the babies blankets - probably just as well as I would never get the quilt done.

I've ordered the wool from Deramores and I can't wait for it to come and get started.

Dinner today came from a cookery book I was given by a very cherished friend who comes from Switzerland. As a young woman she came to live with us for 6 months in order to improve her English before she started her nurses training. She was a delight and the children, who were young at the time adored her. When she had to return to Switzerland and we took her to the airport No 3 screamed out in the terminal "they're taking my Sonja away!" and broke down in tears. It was all very dramatic and I don't know what we looked like on their cameras. Since then we have made several trips to see her in Switzerland and was even a bridesmaid at her wedding. Oh well, enough reminiscence, and back to food.

I was hunting for a recipe that would go with some chicken breasts. Then I found this potato recipe -  Schnitz and Hardopfel. It sounded rather strange. Potatoes, pear and cream. Mmmm I know I like those ingredients but together?

The recipe gets you to melt sugar in a pan and then cook diced pear in it till soft and then add to cook diced potatoes. Cover on top with a creamy sauce. I have to say once I had the guts to put my fork into the mixture and place in my mouth it was a pleasurable experience. Just had to forget what my taste buds are normally used to.

It's not the most prettiest of looking dishes but I can recommend it and I shall surely cook it again.

Easter day was certainly full. It started with losing one hours sleep due to "spring forward". Prepared the dinner, put some washing on and decorated my spring tree.

Then by 08:10 was out to Fabric Guild in order to by some backing material and wadding for my quilt. I was uncharacteristically quick in there and had time to pop back home to hang washing on the radiators to dry. Then was at the nursing home by 9am to collect the minibus. It needed de icing which is a bit of a challenge when one is only 5ft 3" tall/short and the minibus very tall! It involves me hanging from door frames which must have looked rather amusing! Then we set off to collect the elderly for church except they were not ready as bless them losing an hour meant they had to try and manoeuvre themselves rather too quickly for that time of morning. So we arrived at church almost late with Mr P delaying the start of the service. I propelled myself to the front of the church looking a bit windswept to play my flute for the service.  The return journey was rather longer than usual as one person couldn't find her home. I could have cried, as it was so sad to see someone struggling to find their home. Needless to say we escorted her back to her home and saw her safely in. Back at home with the Sunday dinner merrily roasting away I continue on the quilt and by late afternoon I finally get it finished! Hurray! Hurray!

Had to wait till today to take some pictures and even still the wind is blowing making it hard to take a picture without the quilt flapping around.  It is called "The Wild Garden" and and has been adapted by Nik Sewell from an original quilt design by Pauline Smith called Chelsea. The Chelsea Quilt appeared in a Rowan project book by Kaffe Fassett called "Quilts in the Sun." The fabrics are from Dan Bennett's "Wild Garden" collection.

Apologies for a slightly wrinkled look but the blooming wind won't stop.

I love all the bright colours. Trouble is now I have to decide where to display the quilt.

I do not think it is the sort of quilt to go on a bed. I think it needs to hang somewhere but where that somewhere is I am not sure at the moment. Open for suggestions.

The backing fabric perhaps not the most suitable but it was £2 a metre and who is going to see the back once it hangs on a wall!

And I still have lots of this beautiful material to play with for another project.

Finally decided that I can't just sit and watch a murder mystery without something in my hand. Remembered that I had a few leftover squares from my granny cushion and to my delight realised that there are enough to cover a small cushion. So with eyes hardly focusing I started putting them together but am afraid this was one job that I couldn't get finished yesterday! Bed was calling.

33 books used. 94 books to go. 274 days to go to the end of the challenge.

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  1. wow, the quilt is looking good, love the backing fabric, I think it is a lovely cheeky contrast. It could become a cot quilt, but then you would have to make 2 more. ho hum, keep on crafting.