Friday, 12 April 2013

Long Week

I don't know why but it has just felt as if this week has been extra long. Had a senior moment yesterday morning. Went to make Mr P a coffee, put his mug under the coffee filter and then went to get the milk from the fridge. As I move away Mr P turns the machine off saying the mug is full. I'm thinking ridiculous the machine doesn't work that fast. But what he failed to observe was that I had placed the mug upside down under the machine! Oh dear black sheep diddles. Had another black sheep moment when I decided to take the telephone connection out of the router to re route it behind the desk. Trouble was I couldn't remember which socket it came out of and had to wait for Mr P to come home from work before it got fixed! Whilst I'm rambling on is it just me or do others of you out there think the weather forecasters take a course in creative writing for weather reporting! This week I heard the following - "sun taken a hike" and "nagging showers"!

Have managed to accomplish one meal out of a book. It was a rather healthy one - made it when I knew Mr P was dining out, as I didn't want to bore him with it.

Doesn't it sound very healthy - hmmm must make sure we're stocked up with loo roll!

Rose Elliot writes lots of veggie recipes. I have to be honest here and say I don't mind cooking veggie and I quite like beans and lentilly thingies - just as long as it has got some spices or herbs to beef it up a bit!

Not a bad plate of food - didn't cost much to make either.

Have been busy this week, with any spare time in the evening, knitting the first baby blankie. Thought I'd show you a progress report before the weekend starts.

It is at long last beginning to feel as if it is growing and I'm enjoying having the weight of it in my hands.

Ooh I just soooo love the colours. If you asked me to knit in just one colour wool I would never get the blankie done. Hope "Nemo" is going to like the blankie. Nemo is not the baby's name - just what we are all calling the lump - don't even know the gender.

Outside in the garden I've just noticed the forsythia has just started flowering.

But the snowdrops are now looking the worse for wear.

So it's time to say farewell snowdrops, hello forsythia.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'm just going to crack open the red wine now - so cheers all.

37 books used. 90 books to go. 262 days to go to the end of the challenge.

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