Sunday, 14 April 2013

Crazy Brain

Unusually for me I had to get up during the night to "spend a penny". I popped back into bed observing it was 01:55 and then realised that the appointment I had rearranged with the dentist was no good as I shall be away with the family. I had made this phone call several weeks ago but WHY did my brain think about this then? It's no good working this out at that time as I can't rearrange it at 2am on a Sunday morning, will have to wait till Monday. Couldn't I have thought about it during the day time especially a week  day? This makes me break out into a sweat and I have to tell myself "you'll sort it out on Monday, the world is not going to grind to a halt, go to sleep". Then the next problem.

Having spent a lovely morning with Mrs A in Market Harborough - where I have to say she did not buy anything!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway back to my brain story.

 Her husband had bought her a lovely new book and she had kindly let me borrow it.

But let me issue you all with a WARNING - DO NOT READ OR LOOK at craft books just before you go to sleep.
So at around 02:15 my brain is thinking about one of the pictures I was looking at. I could make some of those mats with the strips of leftover fabric I bought recently from the NEC.

 Oh I wonder what colours the strips were, can't remember.

 Oh and have I got any plain fabric to go with them.

Then my brain starts thinking how am I going to construct this mat - mmmm I recall seeing an article using some fusing fabric - how do I use that technique.

 Aaaaaaaaaargh - just shut up brain.

Eventually I manage to give in and fall asleep but only  to wake up a regular intervals with my brain still mulling over this project!

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