Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Grumbles and water

Last night saw me in a bad mood - I don't often feel like this but yesterday was the exception. Think my frustration came about from working too long hours at work, having someone offload their marriage problems without asking and knees hurting. So in distance past when I've felt a bit low or not been able to deal with a situation I've got my knitting out. Off I went into the wardrobe, a bit like the one in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to dig out some gorgeous cotton wool by peaches n'creme. A dishcloth - yes that is what I knit when I'm disgruntled. Buried myself in a gorgeous French pattern, watched some tv on IPlayer and it was not until I finished it did I realise my mistake!

Think my holes went in the wrong place but hey ho it's only going to be used to wash dishes with and NO I am not blocking it when shortly it will be in a bowl of washing up.

Today felt as if it was going from bad to worse. Decided it was time to call the solicitor up re the claim after the accident last September. Beginning of February they had emailed me and asked for some photographs which I sent the next day, should say this comes after months of filling in millions of forms, physio reports and a medical examination. They then said they would get back to me well they have not. During the conversation it became obvious that they have not done anything! AAAARGH! So I have made a note in my diary to phone them up again in 2 weeks if I have not heard anything. Then on a mission I got Mr P to phone the police up re the accident as yet again we have not heard anything from them. Discovered that they have only just interviewed the guy that ran his car into us - 5 months after the event! Mr P pointed out that this has taken a while and they said well they have 6  months to deal with it! So the police too are in my diary to chase up. Can you imagine if we all worked like that - nothing would get done.

Well enough moans and off I went to the gym, for some time on the walking machine, the bicycle and then a wonderful swim. Oh the water is just so so so so wonderful. There are no phones, no loud music, no computers, no TV just yourself and time to think. Something about the water has a therapeutic effect on me. Have always liked water whether that's being in it or walking by it or sitting and dreaming by it. Now that I am truly destressed, calm off for a well earnt cuppa and off to work.

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