Saturday, 23 February 2013

What A Week

I'm not sure where this week has gone - it could be the 43 hours or so at work that has not helped, father in law in hospital, funeral, one very busy hubby, 3 trips to the gym, craft group, Bach choir, out to a gig, food shopping and housework. Note the priority order - housework last!

Time to show you a few new bits and pieces around my home.

Tilda doll made by No.1 in Northern Ireland for my birthday. Oh I wish I had a figure like Tilda! Dream on!

Aren't these owls divine! Presie from No 3 in Bristol.

Buntings completed.

You may be asking why the heck am I showing you a picture of a knife rack - well there is a little story behind it. Some years ago No 4 in Scotland bought it me and Mr P hung it up 8 " below where it is now. Well the knives were a hazard to health as they kept falling off(the tiles below caused a problem with width) and dangerously just missing our toes! Amazingly we still both have 10 toes each. Then one day I came home and it had been repositioned - Mr P just did it - no nagging, no must put it on my job list etc he just did it. Oh what a difference it makes we are now safe from flying knives.

Last night we went out to a gig, at a local working mens club. Not the most salubrious of venues but this did not affect the fantastic foot stomping Irish music. The band consisted of 13 people who were all multi talented. They all seemed to be able to play several instruments and either sing or be able to do Irish dancing. The gig didn't get going till 8.30pm but with one break went through to 10.45pm.

Would love to add a video I took of their music and dancing but blogger would go mad with how much space it would take up!

Then you'd think that would be the end of the evening but oh no - lots of people in the audience came with their musical instruments and started jamming together.  Amongst the players were plenty of younger children -who instead of whinging because they were tired were wide awake playing amazingly fast jigs etc. Also the group on stage joined in too and they'd been up at 3am in order to travel from Southern Ireland! I believe this musical session went on till 12:30.

What a great night.


Oh dear only accomplished one recipe this week.

A rather quick and easy yummy dinner.

I got this book from a charity shop and I've used the book a few times - can recommend it if you're only paying a few pennies for it.

In fact it was sooo yummy that I almost forgot to take a picture. Ainsley's dish was more yellow because he's posh and uses saffron - I could only afford to use turmeric.

 127 cookery books     14 recipes completed        112 books to go.

Going to have to record all my cookery books and tick off which ones I have used , as I'm already beginning to wonder "have I used this book yet?"

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