Thursday, 2 October 2014

Weekend With Friends - Part Two, Belgrave Hall

Sunday was literally a day of two halves. In the morning Mr P went and DID church along with one guest. The lady guest and I went to Fabric Guild. I've not been there for months. Oooh it was soooo lovely to go back and see all the wonderful array of fabrics. I was very good and only spent £2.50 - probably not being good as I have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much stash already! We all met up for lunch at home and then headed off to Belgrave Hall.  A food festival was taking place! Yum yum! It was such a lovely warm day - more like summer.

We went through the house into the gardens where there were about 30 stalls of yumminess.

Our friends bought some sausages, locally brewed beer and cider.

The sausages smelled divine. It was a good job we had all eaten lunch as this event could have cost us all a fortune buying up lots of food.

We went round the stalls trying various bits of food. I fell in love with this stall.

I ended up with a pot of very very hot chilli jam and a chilli plant.

He's a bit lanky but I rather like him!

Still wanting to enjoy the gorgeous weather we headed off to Botanic Gardens. Where the dahlias were looking gorgeous.

Now I do have a very short story about dahlias. My dad had always wanted to grow these lovely flowers and when he finally had his own garden he decided to grow them. Now whilst he was busy at work my sister and I were playing ball in the garden. Sadly we did not really care or were aware how precious these dahlias were and so we happily threw the ball everywhere knocking down lots of his precious blooms. When dad came home and saw what a mess we'd made of his lovely flowers he was fuming. Think mum  had to calm him down and get him to realise we were small children. After that he did not grow them again until earlier this year when I bought him some to grow - hopefully to make up a bit for what I'd done as a child. So dahlias hold a special memory for me of childhood. 


Well we had a great weekend with our friends, went to bed very late, ate and drank loads. I think we all had a special time - thank you friends for coming.

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