Monday, 12 August 2013

First Granny Weekend.

Took Friday off work to go down to Bristol to help No 3 and hubby out with their new baby. Minutes after arriving the midwife called in. Apparently she only called because they officially have to do a visit when the baby is so many hours old and the previous one came too soon! Golly in my days the midwife would call every day. The next midwife is not due for another 3 days.  Have to be honest this midwife was not that useful. She'd just returned to midwifery after a long break and it showed. Every time No 3 asked her a question there was a rather vague reply, she did not leave them feeling inspired but she did show that Baby Nemo had gained a bit more of his birth weight back. Nothing like being thrown in the deep end.

I had planned to arrive and prepare a soup but by the time we had got Nemo settled after the midwives visit it was mid afternoon. But I had got the washing machine going and managed to make a trip to the supermarket to stock up supplies for dinner.

What amazed me was the speed in which things came flooding back to me and I found myself saying and helping out with the baby's problems that I didn't even realise I knew. So even though it's been 22 years since No 4 was a baby the knowledge is just buried somewhere in the back of my brain, ready to be used again.

Poor No 3 is suffering from her emergency caesarian section. She needed help with getting Nemo or I should be saying Rowan out of his crib, changing his nappy so that she didn't have to bend over. Oh and the poor girl has to have a daily injection to prevent a haemorrhage. Her hubby has been given instructions to jab her but the painful bit is afterwards as it as if she's been stung by a bee and makes her stomach feel very sore.  I was soooo glad to go to bed - I was exhausted. I heard him cry in the night but I just rolled over thinking "not my problem" - can't do much as she is breast feeding.

Saturday morning I was up first, took a shower and then raced to Sainsburys to get some rather large yummy croissant and blueberries for brekkie. Went with wet, dripping, uncombed hair - thinking no one knows me in Bristol! Ha ha I only bump into one of the midwives! Felt very self conscious!

More washing.

 Sooooo cute to be hanging out such tiny clothing.

Saturday afternoon I had two hours off whilst they had some visitors. I headed for Ikea, seems as we do not have one in Leicester. Now I know why Ikea is a nightmare on Saturday - took me ages to find anywhere to park. I spent the grand total of £1.50 and had to queue for ages to pay. But I did have the delight of having the 60p ice-cream with a flake and now am the proud owner of a plastic device to store my tea towels!

Back to cook the dinner and take more photographs of the baby.

Poppy (the dog) is just sooo gentle with the baby and look at the daddy - he is just sooo wonderful with his new son. He is ace at winding Nemo and swaddling king. They are going to make super parents, Nemo is very lucky.

Dinner to cook, washing to put away, more nappies to change and finally bed - slept well again, just waking up to hear the cry and roll over again.

Sunday I decided to start as soon as I got up to prepare and cook a roast beef dinner. How wise I was, because everything just takes sooo much longer with a baby around.

Sorry I promise not to bore you all with the baby, every blog posting. But thought I would on just this one occasion - well that is until the twins are born and then you'll have to listen to one about them and then I'll shut up! 

One thing the weekend has made me realise is that if ever there was an inkling to have another baby myself - I absolutely 100% do not want one. I just could not keep up with all the demands and energy it takes to look after one again. This is why I believe we should have babies when we are younger and not in our early 50's! I'm very happy to be a grandma. Well final picture of the baby - perfect picture of how a baby should be.

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