Monday, 12 August 2013

NEC Quilt Show 2013

Well I have had the most amazing week. It started with the birth of Nemo now officially named "Rowan", a day at the national quilt exhibition at the NEC and then a long weekend looking after my daughter, hubby and grandson(more of this to follow on next posting).

Thursday Mrs A and I headed off again to the NEC - I was absolutely bouncing. I felt as if I was on drugs - well it's the nearest experience I have ever had to feeling as if I've been on drugs! Just so much joy I felt as if I would burst. Mrs A said she didn't want to be around me when I burst/dropped/collapsed! If you have not been to this quilt show then you are truly missing something wonderful. 2 massive halls full of hundreds of quilts and hundreds of stores selling amazing materials and accessories needed to make a wonderful quilt. Here let me show you some:-

Now someone made a comment "Did Mrs A work for the secret service?" - no, but I do want to keep her face secret - don't want her being plagued with people because of my blog.

 Last time we went to the NEC we were standing in snow!

 I do like the small chickens in this picture.

I really like this sort of crazy patchwork where once can be more creative and not worry so much about it being precisely lined up.

This quilt caught my eye from a distance. Mrs A said I liked it because I adore gingham material and the shaker/brethren style fabrics.

Some people are just sooooo gifted and I think this is just one quilt completed by someone exceptional.

Noticed a new style quilting. As you looked at it from one side you saw one picture and then move to the left and saw this picture. Amazing!

Not everything was an actual quilt. Just look at this fun quilted clock.

Aren't these flowers wonderful? Such fun.

Not sure what Mr P would think about these if I made him a pair!

I should say that I took 373 photographs! These that I am showing you are just a small collection! Perhaps I am missing out the most accomplished pieces of work - apologies to those pieces.


 My first purchase - 1 ribbon sewing needle and some embroidery needles, £2.50.

Well after all this mooching around it was time for lunch, but the only space was on the floor, next to the fire exit!

What was nice was observing the bags that were being carried around - so many home made ones.

I loved the square trees.

Then there was a bit of celebrity spotting!

Not the best picture of her - but wasn't she just amazing in the British Sewing Bee. I really wanted her to win.

After I took this picture he gave me a great big smile and a wave - what a lovely guy. He did so well in the show too. Can't wait for the next series.

Oooh just noticed the woman talking to him wearing a patchwork skirt!

Then there was a bit of a London theme going on:

So many pictures I could show you - so much talent.

The next quilt is the winner in the traditional category.

The next quilt was the winner in the modern category.

Well Mrs A and I had to be thrown out - we just did not want to leave. I can understand why some people buy tickets to go for a few days. So much to see, do etc. Well must shut up and finish this blog.

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