Thursday, 22 August 2013

Health and Safety

Sometimes I think health and safety has gone mad in this country. I belong to the web site community "Ravelry" - which is absolutely brilliant if you are into knitting or crochet.  One of the groups on this site is called the "British Knitters" and someone posted this:

"I just got IDed in Dunelm Mill, Cambridge branch to buy 3mm circular knitting needles. That was ALL I was buying. Apparently you have to look 25 or older to buy knitting needles.
Has this happened to anyone else?! I found it so funny…"


Then I saw this article in a newspaper:

Knitting group told they cant meet at local library

Perhaps I'm not being fair as this article was also saying the group were rather noisy and the new library was smaller - but still "dangerous knitting needles!"

The other day I received an email telling me that if I go into a building that does not have any washing up liquid then I must not take my own! Something to do with COSSH! For those readers not from this island then COSSH stands for Control of Substances hazardous to health. It almost seems to imply that it is better for me to drink from a dirty, unwashed mug than use some washing up liquid from home.

Oh well enough whinging for one blog! I don't like to end on a negative note - so here's a bit more health and safety advice:

testicle biting fish maybe invading Denmark

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