Friday, 27 March 2015

Final Day In Northumberland

Today was perhaps not a fun filled day but one of getting jobs done. It started with a walk through the village.

As you can see again we were fortunate with the weather.

You can see the Cheviots in the background with some snow.

The local brook that caused our solicitors to have panic attacks - in case it ever floods! We are 1/4 mile up hill from this brook!

Of course must show you some of the local lambs!

Then it was time to get some jobs done before we leave tomorrow for Leicester.

The arrival of coal for the next year. A trip to Berwick to stock up on cleaning products, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls etc. Fill up the car with diesel and then a final walk around Lindisfarne. Back to the cottage in time to receive delivery of some logs.

Final job of the day to pack the car as we have to leave early in the morning. We've had a great week and we shall be so sad to leave but hey ho work calls.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Day Five and Six - In Northumberland, St Abbs

Yesterday I chose to try a slightly different walk from St Abbs. We headed out on the private road that leads to the lighthouse and then diverted towards the coast. Oh boy we were not disappointed.

What an amazing view. We continued down the hill till we reached the coastal path.

No humans were harmed in order to take this picture!

Talking about animals just look where these sheep were grazing!

The walk was soooo amazing that I could bore you all with lots of pictures - so I shall do my best just to show you a few.

This walk took us hours not because we walked masses but that we had to stop either to admire the views or watch the thousands upon thousands of seabirds resting/nesting on the rocks.

What look like tiny black dots on these rocks are just birds. The noise was incredible and we were mesmerised by them. Masses of terns, guillemots and shags.

We were spoilt for picnic spots and ended up with three!

We were rather confused as to the logic behind these swirls in the fields, they carried on further round the bottom of the field. Anyone know why it has been ploughed such?

What a difference a day makes! Woke up to some snow!

After a lot of delaying tactics we finally started a walk in some locals woods - Kyloe Woods. Here were some wild primroses.

First barbecue of the year! I got a throw away barbecue for £1.35 from Home Bargains and it was absolutely brilliant.

Delicious barbie sausages served on a bed of tomato sauce and white bread! Ha ha ha! Smelled and tasted divine.

Was very cold today and we didn't hang around for too long.

Found this fallen tree fascinating.

Final photo of the day looking from the woods across the sea to Lindisfarne in the far distance.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Day Four In Northumberland - Lindisfarne

A trip back home would not be complete without a walk on Holy Island/Lindisfarne. Now I have shown you so many pictures before and it is getting harder to find new ones to show you.

We opted to walk along the northern shores, where few people choose to walk - furthest point from the cafes! We took the flask and spent a while day dreaming, talking and watching this small fishing boat lay its pots down. I'm guessing for crabs.

We did pass a few others walking but we could almost have a bay to ourselves. Don't be fooled by the sunshine, it was still cold and one could only sit for a short while. I love walking along these bays, having to detour back into the dunes when the corners of the bays become unwalkable due to slippery rocks.

Walking in the dunes always gets a bit confusing and we always seem to loose our way slightly, but that does mean we end up discovering bits of the island we have never seen before.

But true to tourists we felt the calling of the coffee shop and their home baked cakes calling and headed to where all people go.

 Mr P wants a copy of this poster to put up in his office! I agree with the sentiment but would also like the words "tea" added to it!

A view of the castle but with daffodils showing.

Have to get a boat picture in!

Came back early afternoon as I was exhausted. Since arriving I have got some sort of low lying bug/virus. I'm sure it's my body being allowed to give in. So I just lazed on the settee, not even crafting but just watching the sparrows busy themselves on the feeders. I did eventually give in and go to bed with some paracetamol. The evening we went round to the neighbours for a meal. It was good to catch up with their news and all that is happening in the village.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Day 3 In Northumberland - Berwick

Today was more about waiting for Mr P to arrive.

Berwick was looking rather cloudy this morning and the tide was out.

After exploring all my favourite shops and getting what I needed to buy I then get a text message from Mr P to say that there had been delays on the rail network and also some silly person had decided to walk along the railway line, consequently he was going to be two hours late. So I decide to head back to the cottage for lunch and some crochet. Eventually the train does pull in to Berwick and with enough time left for us to take a walk around the village.

Passed the local chickens. I really love this sheep - he or she seems to be in retirement with just the chickens to contend with.

There was still enough daylight left to enjoy sitting on the bench looking towards our village.

|Finally pass some sheep who came running towards us thinking we had food! Sorry ladies. Dinner has now been cooked and eaten, had a bath and now settling in front of a roaring open fire and about to get my crochet out. Bye for now.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Day 1-2 Northumberland - Fast Castle, St Abbs

Yep another post without any babies! Yesterday I travelled up from Leicester to Northumberland. I set my alarm for 4.45am and woke up around 1am! Mmmm that is too early so tried to go back to sleep and then found myself awake again at 3.20am! Oh dear - my mind was buzzing and eventually I fell asleep and was finally woken by my alarm. Then began the long journey north - the first stage to Wetherby seemed never ending. I'm sure God has stretched the A1. Eventually I passed Wetherby service station and managed to make Leeming Bar services for breakfast. Revitalised with tea and pancakes I continued north. Next stop was Alnwick but not before negotiating endless stretches of road restrictions. Now understand why Mr P avoids this part of the A1 for going through the Tyne tunnel. Strong coffee at Barter Books. a mooch around the town which involved a visit to Alnwick Wool Shop. Then I stocked up on groceries and then headed north for the last stage of the journey.  Oh it was soo good to be back home and to see the cottage again.

Feeling sooo exhausted I decided that a walk was not in order and instead headed out to The Old Dairy in Ford.

It is situated in such an amazing setting. In fact they provide this very high bench for people to take tea and admire the view. Not sure how you get your pots of tea up the ladders?

As I take this picture I can hear the cry of very young lambs and so I decide to be nosy and have a peep in the barn. I was not disappointed - there were some cute lambs to be seen.

Trouble is the fields are filled with many sheep and their lambs. I think I could do a daily blog with just cute lambs!

Along with many lambs are masses of daffodils.

Well I tried to do some crafting and stay up but by 9pm the only place for me was bed and there I stayed till I woke up at 6.30am. Oh boy did I need that sleep. Today I am still feeling as if I need not to be racing around and so I opted for a visit to the ruins of Fast Castle in Scotland. Now this walk perturbed me as it involves descending and you know what that means - yes it's all up hill coming back! Not the way round I like. But it was well worth the visit. I have to be honest and say I took about 140 pictures today, so choosing a few will be difficult!

Greeted with this sign - looks as if the farmer has had some problems, doesn't bare thinking of too much.

The castle doesn't look much more than a few rocks from this angle.

There used to be a drawbridge but some years ago this concrete bridge was created.

It doesn't look as bad as it was but that step up was quite high and with a steep drop to ones right makes you hesitate. But have not walked all this way downhill to be defeated by a stone step!

Few views of what is left of the castle.

The coastal views were wonderful.

After I walked back up the hill, got all hot and sweaty I head into St Abbs - one of my favourite spots. The harbour always makes me feel as if I am in Cornwall.

Even though I have been here numerous times I love the way I can still find new things to take a picture of.

As I ate my packed lunch I watched a fishing boat moor.

No I didn't sketch it but messed around with my camera settings. Then I walked around to see what they had caught.

There were more boxes and I asked the fishermen how long it had taken to collect the crustaceans - four days! They deserve their money.

Back home for some crochet and relaxation. Tomorrow Mr P joins me and I will have more treasures to share with you all.