Tuesday, 17 March 2015

More Babies - Rowan and Ayla

This weekend saw the return of Number three and her family. This was the first visit for Ayla to Leicester. She is now 6 weeks old and has changed so much since I last saw her. Also her older brother has changed too and becomes more of a delight. He displays more of his character each time I see him. He's at that lovely stage of being inquisitive and finding enjoyment in everything.

Here is Rowan enjoying building a tower out of large lego! You can see how much he is enjoying his achievement.

So much life to enjoy and discover.

Ayla like her brother, when he was a baby, loves to be cocooned.  She is having to wear scratch mitts! Also she's had some problems with excema/baby acne.

Probably I am leading you all to think he only smiles but believe you me he is very determined and when he cannot do something or not allowed for safety reasons he can certainly pull a tantrum!

She prefers to sleep on either her mum or dad rather than her bed! Sorry should have pulled her dress down for this photo!

Things went very quiet and then I found Rowan playing with the rubbish bins!

Saturday night she cut her first tooth!!! At 6 weeks of age! She did scream as it came through!

It soon became time for |Rowan to eat some tea before they left to go home. It was so nice to see them.

Now for those of you who are not into babies the next blog will all be about the Stitching Show at the NEC this Friday. Mrs A and I are off on an adventure again! This will then be followed by a week in Northumberland! Wahay!

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