Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pre-Assessment Training For Twins!

I have had another wonderful mad weekend. It started Friday with my dad coming over from Staffordshire. We had promised ourselves that we would go and see Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I booked the tickets up nearly a month in advance as I thought opening night and the seats might have been sold out! Ha ha the cinema was only a quarter full and we were all over 50! But when we came out there was a huge queue full of young women! They were not waiting to see our film but I am guessing it was Fifty Shades Of Grey. I just love this facebook posting

Judging from the queues to see this film still - maybe annual leave needs to be for longer! I have not been to the cinema for ages and I had forgotten how long the adverts last - 30 minutes! No wonder people go in with buckets of popcorn! Also forgot to say what I thought about the film. Well I think second films are never as good as the first ones. There was also a touch of Fawlty Towers about it - the one about The Hotel Inspectors. Having said all that it was still enjoyable and with such good actors.

Yesterday we travelled to Leeds to get some granny and grandad practising in! Next weekend we have to look after the twins all by ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trouble is we live a good two hours away and can not see the girlies/munchkins/curly wurlies so often. At this stage they forget who we are. So over the last few weeks we have tried to see them more often. We managed to persuade our son and daughter in law to go out and leave the girlies with us. Golly I get sooo confused as to who is who! I know that "S"ophie has a "s"pot on her leg - so I can remember that but I can't keep stripping her to see which one it is! They've changed character and Karis who was more outgoing has now become the quieter one. We spent some time playing on the floor with them.

Before lunch we made a quick trip to the local supermarket. This gave us time to have a lesson on learning to erect the double buggy. Golly need to do a masters degree in buggy assembly! I'm seriously tempted to buy two cheapo buggies that go up in seconds and do not require any brain work! I gave up trying to use their cousin's buggy. I ended up carrying him! In fact I couldn't even fold it up properly and had to keep it inside the car as I couldn't make it small enough to go into the boot! Now grandad had to go on learning curve inside the shop. He made a rooky error of parking the buggy in the sweet aisle where both girls managed to grab hold of some chocolate!

Time for lunch. They are sooooo funny.As they sit in their highchairs they are able to lift their legs from underneath the table and place them on top of their highchairs! They then proceed to feed their toes with some of the food. Oh to be so flexible again! The next giggle is watching the girls swap food. They were both given bread, ham , cheese etc. One of the girls loves ham but not so bothered about the cheese. The other girl loves the cheese and not so keen on the ham and so began a game of them swapping food with each other! It's lovely to see them interact with each other, as we have not seen much of this happen before. Time for a massive clean up operation! This involved not just washing their hands and face but feet too! Oh - no dog to clear up the floor!

Then time for some mischief!.

Why oh why do children find something else that isn't a toy more interesting to play with?

Time to crawl all over grandad - but if you could have seen the girls when we first arrived they would have nothing to do with him!

Nothing ever changes the girls have two of these toys but insisted on fighting for the one!

Slowly the munchkins started rubbing their eyes and smelly nappies and bedtime were calling. I was very brave and did the smelliest girlie! Not nice! Then putting them into their cots was a little tricky they were not too convinced about sleep but after about 5 minutes there was silence! Phew!

I think we passed our pre-assessment as we are still required to return next weekend! The girlies mummy and daddy are celebrating their birthdays - just two days difference in age! They are going down to London to see a show and have some time together without babies! My slight fear is night time as the girls wake up in the night! Oooh I'm not used to getting up in the night - I like my sleep so that will be a BIG test! But also it will be a privilege to spend time with them and get to know them a bit more. Well my lovelies that's enough from me - time to do some crafting and chilling out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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