Friday, 18 April 2014

Travel, Twins and Trouble Shooting

Yesterday I left Leicester to travel to Leeds, to my sons home. But oh the M1 was incredibly busy. It was stop start almost all the way. For those of you who do not live in the UK  I ought to explain that it is the main Easter holiday and most people have today and the coming Monday off from work.  I had to stop once because I was in danger of falling asleep. Tanked up with an espresso I continued on my merry way - slight detour at the end because I have forgotten my way around Leeds! What was really lovely - my son and daughter-in-law tried to keep the twins up a little longer. So as I climbed the stairs I was greeted with two naked babies grinning at me and smelling deliciously of baby oil. A quick cuddle, then helped to dress one twin and then they were given their bottles and off to sleep they went - so good.

Now another good reason to see my family was for my son to sort out my naughty laptop. I am pleased to say he has got it sorted out and I did not lose my photographs. The next morning I got up early with the twins to enjoy them when they are at their most happiest.

Sorry Sophia decided to kick her legs just as I took the picture!. They have long legs - but we do not know where they get them from as both sides of the family are all short! Golly haven't they changed since I last saw them. The girls are not quite sitting up yet. But Karis makes me laugh as she raises her head and legs, as if she was doing a stomach strengthening exercise and holds that position for what seems a long time. Then it was time for breakfast - weetabix mixed with banana! Ugh! Not what I would fancy but the girls did eat up.

Sophia has found her voice(she's the on on the right). She was so funny. Their mummy had to wait for her to stop talking before she could get her to eat anything!

This picture is above their fire place and golly you can see just how much the girls have grown in the last 7 months. Well it was time to say goodbye - that's not easy when they are just soooo cute. But time it was to start heading off to Northumberland. It meant driving through Leeds and descending into Pool and heading out towards Harrogate. Having not lived in Leeds for some years now I forget just how attractive the views are and I guess today even more so with the sun blazing away and spring flowers displaying their beauty. If I had had lots of time I would have stopped to take some pictures but I guess if you haven't been to Leeds/Yorkshire then you really must go and visit. But as I join the A1 I start another horrible journey of stop/start again! Oh golly where has everyone come from? I have made a mental note never/ever to travel on a bank holiday weekend during sociable hours ever again! I thought once I get past Newcastle the traffic would die down but I was wrong. So I ended up coming off the A1 and headed up the A697 to Wooler. This is a rather attractive road. but rather windey and not what you want after an already long drive. But it was all worth it to arrive back at my home in the glorious sunshine.

I unpacked and then had to drive again into Berwick to get some food. Definitely had enough of driving for a few days. Then back home to open my parcel.

Wonderful balls of loveliness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Decided I needed a little extra project that will hopefully be made quite quickly. Here's the link to the project The Jolly Chunky Bag. It is one of my favourite blogs that I love to read by Lucy from Attic 24. Lucy has very cleverly got Wool Warehouse to do a special deal. Lucy was my inspiration to knit the babies their blankets(can see the blankets in the first photograph). Even after 20 minutes I have managed to get this much crocheted already. As some of you may remember I am trying to crochet a special scarf with very very fine wool and to have a bit this size completed takes me all night!

Having spent so much of the day sitting I decided to take a walk around the local fields and oh how the fields have changed since I was last up here. No snow on the hills but plenty of wonderful rapeseed. Now I know for some of you this flower is not your favourite as it can cause bad hayfever but for me it is just lovely and cheerful.

Time to start some more hookey - good night all.

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