Thursday, 24 April 2014

Flask Crawl

After both of us having an energetic day yesterday today we decided to take things a little easier. With the sun shining beautifully and knowing tomorrow is rain we headed south to Howick to walk along the coastal path to Craster.

So lovely to see the cows out of the sheds and onto the fields.

The views along this coastline are spectacular.

First flask stop - watching the seagulls.

Seemed strange to see lambs by the sea - guess I've spent the week seeing them roaming the fields.

Eventually we reached Craster. It is famous for smoking kippers. I know I have seen Craster Kippers for sale in Waitrose, in Leicester. This is a perfect spot for having a second flask stop and lunch.

After a long leisurely lunch we started to walk back.

We hadn't walked too far before we had another rest and enjoyed watching the tide coming in. But also with the sun blazing we both felt rather sleepy and yes we did fall asleep. I was very surprised that I fell asleep.

I had no idea that I had really gone into a deep sleep!

We were not the only ones asleep!

We managed another stroll before we had our final flask stop!

What a lovely sunny day we had.

Change of subject - it is a TAH DAH moment! Midnight last night I managed to finish crocheting my bag. Mr P says it isn't very practical. I said to quote words used by my No 1 daughter (when legitimising buying more shoes) "It's an investment piece and you don't have to worry about whether I am the right size for it".

Well I'm pleased with the bag and the colours make me feel happy.

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