Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Quick Tuesday PM Crafting.

Tonight has been an evening of combining choir homework and making a bag. The Bach choir concert is this Saturday so need to keep up with the rehearsing. But also time to make another shopping bag - you can never have enough bags when you go grocery shopping!

So using some charm packs from the Fabric Guild I set to work sewing them together.

I lined the bag with more of the gingham fabric from Belfast - still got plenty of it left! You can see some on the handles.


The other side of the bag. Farewell plastic bags.

I must show you my pin cushion. It must be one of the biggest pin cushions going! You never loose it. No 1 made it for me a couple of Christmas's ago - isn't it fun!.

I use it all the time when I am sewing.

Time for a final picture - me declaring war on any feathered friends!

That should deter them! Well good night everyone or maybe it's good morning to some of my readers.  :)

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