Sunday, 9 June 2013

Exhausting But Fulfilling Weekend.

Mr P has been away this week and this has led me into bad habits - going to bed late. Friday night I decided it was time to get the second baby blanket knitting finished. So I ended up staying up till 1am to complete it.

7.15 am busy making pudding for the evening. By 8am I was at the swimming pool - this now means I have managed to complete 6 days on the trot at the pool. Then off to Uppingham to buy my dad's birthday present. Then I went off to the village called "Wing" for a quilt show.

It's a gorgeous picturesque English village. I knew I was in the right place when I saw these signs.

It almost felt naughty going to yet another quilt festival.

This quilt show is held in honour/memory of the Wing's quilters group teacher, who died rather suddenly of a stroke. The money they raise goes to charity. The quilts are draped in the parish church and they used every available space to display them. This first picture is a rather special quilt.

It's really hard not to plague you with all my photographs but here are some of my favourites.

 I love these 2 cushions as I love the stitching.

Again more hand stitching - amazing just by using two colours the effectiveness.

This one is such fun with the dogs and their paw marks..

This was not a quilt that at first I liked, but the more I looked at it the more I appreciated the work and talent that had gone into it. How did the sewer get those circles sooo perfect?

Here's a view of what the church was looking like - quilts draped everywhere!

The next quilt I think was probably the most challenging quilt to make and it was such a shame how it was being displayed.

I'm not sure about this one whether it all goes together - having those small squares and then these sunflowers appliqued on top. Mmmm wonder what you all think?

Lovely quilt for a children's bedroom.

I like the simplicity of this hanging.

So many different styles - clever use of colour with the next hanging.

Fancy having time to make a quilt just for Christmas!

And then time for a little bit of shopping.

I had such a lovely morning but no time for the home made cake I needed to get home and get ready to go to the choir rehearsal. But just before I got home I did a little naughty!

Well I spotted a traffic warden issuing a parking ticket to someone who had parked on a grass verge. This seemed a little mean when the car wasn't causing any obstruction and in a residential area not inner city. I notice the warden is beginning to walk down the hill to my road. As I turn into my road there was one house having a family gathering and cars too on the grass verge. So I knocked on the door and warn them. Oh it was SOOOO worth it to see the traffic warden's face. He was so confused as to how the cars had suddenly gone. He was looking at the tyre marks on the grass and I could see him shrug his shoulders in confusion and anger!

Oh well back to choir rehearsal for the evenings performance. The majority of the music we were singing was accompanied by a cello. Well the celloist was amazing. She played the cello like I've never heard before and not only was she soo talented but also drop dead gorgeous with a figure to die for. So the men who came to the concert had a double bonus!

After rehearsal one of the singers came back to my home for some dinner because she lives a distance away. By 10pm I was finally lounging on the settee watching a comedy programme with a nice big glass of wine. Needless to say it was not a late night to bed!

Sunday I woke up exhausted but daren't lie in as I was frightened of not waking up in time to collect the minibus for church. Lunch time Mr P returns home and we get a whole 10 minutes together before he had to go out again - having not seen him for a week.

The afternoon was time to play in the craft room. Tried to make another bag with triangles - but it was oh so difficult to get it together. Ended up spending hours making it and not that pleased with it.

I think I'm bagged out now! Also finished completing putting together a granny square cushion.

And now it is time to watch a new Agatha Christie murder.

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