Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cookery Challenge Update

Oh dear it has been a while since I last gave you an update - 30.5.13. Golly it's even harder to find the pictures as I have had to download my 32,000 pictures onto my laptop! I cannot seem to organise the folders - well my computer is not co-operating. So next week I am away and will be with my family and hopefully my computer genius son will help me out!

I do sooo like these recipe books designed to prepare a meal quickly.

Now I thought this recipe sounded good - well it was tasty but my stomach could not cope with the camembert sauce. So this recipe will not be made again for me.

Gordon Ramsay isn't someone I naturally warm to but his recipes are useful.

This recipe chosen for me when I was on my own as Mr P would not be impressed with the ingredients.

I know I can eat this sort of food without it upsetting my stomach. It was very tasty.

Another book bought from a charity shop. I always like the sound of so many of the recipes but in fact have not made many from the book.

Have to be honest and adapted this recipe as the monk fish was going to cost a fortune.

Now this book you'll never find anywhere. It is one of my own books that I have made up with recipes from magazines or given recipes from friends etc.

I hadn't looked at it for ages and it was so nice to look through it and remember how did family members enjoyed certain recipes.

Well I was very short on time and I had a visitor so I did this very old recipe for Creme framboise - so tasty and quick to prepare.

This is another old recipe book that I have made.

This was No 2 child's favourite meal. Again haven't cooked it for a long time and it was oh so nice to taste the flavours again.

You can see it has been used a few times.

You've probably noticed I am forever cooking with chicken - it's just so easy.

I really like this recipe and often add prawns to it.

I do so like books done by Nigella - ooh I hope she is ok after the headline news this week. Suddenly felt very defensive and protective of her.

Made this pudding for Mr P and dad and they thought it was the pud I've ever made!

63 books used. 64 books to go. 194 days to go to the end of the challenge.

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