Friday, 21 June 2013

Off Tomorrow

Whoopee Mr P and I are off on holiday tomorrow.  We are heading north up to Bishop Auckland way to spend a week with ALL our children and their partners. We have rented a large cottage to accommodate us all plus the dog - Poppy.  For the last two years as a family we have had a weeks holiday together in Wales. We all live in different parts of the UK and so we cannot often get together as a group. So it is a special week. Also this year it is even going to be more special. No 3 is pregnant with her first child, officially she is 36 weeks pregnant  but the midwife has decided she is the equivalent of 38 weeks! Poor girl has been having Braxton Hicks for the last few weeks - could it be that she's going to have the baby this week? Wow wouldn't that be great if she did - well for us it would. Perhaps we could all go to the hospital and cheer her on! Perhaps she could deliver in Durham hospital and we could have a nice walk around Durham, eat some food whilst she gets warmed up and then we could turn up at the end when the baby arrives! Sounds a good day out! Mmmm maybe she might not agree! Also No 2's wife is pregnant with twins but they are only 26 weeks brewed so hopefully they will be quiet during the week.

After the week Mr P and I are having a few days at our cottage. I have not been since Christmas so I am really looking forward to seeing our home again.

I have packed a large washing basket full of wool, knitting stuff, crochet bits and pieces, embroidery - lots of toys to play with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping to get the final baby blanket finished so that I can start on new projects. Have not done any crochet for weeks and weeks - desperate to do some.

Will be seeing this view next week - bye!

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