Thursday, 13 June 2013


The sun was shining and as I was walking around the leisure centre to reach the main door, to go swimming - I had a memory. I was taken back to childhood. During the school holidays mom and dad would give me money for bus fare to the swimming pool and in those days we were issued with free swimming passes if you could swim a length. I loved going swimming and the smell of the chlorine took me back there. If the weather was good then the centre would have the outdoor pool open which I loved. Then quite often I would walk back home so that I could use the bus fare to buy a Midlands County ice cream - yum yum. I would have spent hours in the water and walking home must all have been good exercise.

Sorry I wanted to show you a picture of the swimming pool - but I gave up trying to down load it! Soz.

There has been much talk in blogland re backing up your treasured photographs etc. And I have been busy thinking about this but it all came to a head when I heard someone I know had their laptop stolen. Then I thought about my own laptop with all my precious photographs, the childrens weddings, family holidays, special events. I'd be sooo upset if I lost them. Then busy gearing myself up to buying some sort of a hard drive when Mrs A's hubby informs me he backs his computer up onto DVDs. Well that answers my prayers - at a cheap and easy price! So Tuesday night I started transferring photographs off the old family computer onto my laptop. Thought this would take about and hour but it took me till 12:30 the next morning! Last night Mrs A and hubby came to show me how to transfer this data onto DVDs. I am so pleased with the outcome. I cannot believe that I have enough pictures to take up to 8-9 dvds! This probably means I have about 32000 pictures. Don't think this is strictly true because there are a few short video clips which will take up a lot of space. But still I'm in shock as to how many I have! It's been so tempting to look at all these pictures and not get anything done. You know what it's like - you see an old photo and go "ooh and ah, oh weren't they so cute" etc etc. I am about halfway through saving the pictures. Then I need to make a decision as to where to keep these dvds.

Well I think this will have to be an unusual blog for me with no pictures. But I promise a better one at the weekend! Bye  

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