Thursday, 25 April 2013

Belfast Weekend - Day 3, Sunday.

Well after the mad last two days order of the day was a quiet, gentle walk around the National Trust property - Mount Stewart. But as we enter the grounds we get directed to the over flow carpark - mmmmm. As we get out of the car I begin to notice that it appears we are the only people without a dog.  After checking with one of the attendants we've arrived on a day when there was a dog show and a free open day to the public! Not going to be a quiet experience.

I'm not a big doggy fan but I did enjoy watching the dogs run this course - but I quite enjoyed it when the dogs were naughty and did not obey all the rules!

Golly this dog is more the size of a horse!

So many dogs.

These berries were so pretty.

Not sure I've ever seen double daffodils like this before.

Just love spring when all the blossoms start appearing.

Blossoms are just sooo dramatic.

Love curly trees.

What a monster of a dog - Newfoundland I believe, but with a bib?

Couldn't find any clover with four leaves.

The garden had a lot of topiary - pretty good eh. Anyway after all this walking we'd built up an appetite and the restaurant did not disappoint. A lovely range of freshly cooked food. I chose vegetable and pasta crumble with wedges. The sauce was divine - rich, creamy and cheesey. I could not eat all the food - so much.

After a big lunch time to walk it off. Back out side in time to see some rosettes being handed out. So lovely to watch people being very happy.

I didn't realise Cruella De Ville was coming!

Well we did actually get to go inside the house, but sadly most of it was closed off because of essential repairs. But inside they are the proud owners of two very large paintings that are wrong.

Have you any ideas what is wrong with this picture?

Well apparently it is impossible for a horse to stand like this (re the back legs).

Spot the mistake with the next picture - bit easier to guess.

Have you guessed?

Well have a look at where the man's hand is - must have a very long arm!

This is the view from Mount Stewart - Strangford Lough. They have a telescope and a live camera observing the nests, saw some seals, sooo cute.

Can see Scrabo tower at the top of the hill.

And after a wonderful day how best to finish the evening with a glass of red wine. Which glass was mine? Sorry about the quality of the picture.

Next morning I flew back home :(  Thanks to my daughter and son in law for a lovely weekend.

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