Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hurray To The Sun

This last week has been full of visitors which has provided opportunities to catch up with the latest news etc. But also this week provided a chance to see a little glimpse of heaven! Phone call on Wednesday from someone Mr P works with inviting me to their home. If you think I have lots of cookery books well I don't think I've started in comparison to this ladies collection.

A whole room devoted to cookery books. What paradise to sit in this chair, surrounded by these wonderful books.

There are sooo many that the lady hasn't actually counted them properly but roughly there are 600 books - WOW! She has books from so many countries, oh I could stay there all day - better than any library.

Saturday saw a change in the weather and the sun poked her head out. It felt as if the city had come to life and people suddenly emerged from their homes, shedding their coats and hats to absorb the heat of the sun. I headed off to the local botanical gardens and so did many others. It was so nice to see children running around, chasing balls, just having fun outside.

Change of colour from snowdrops to crocuses.

Some primroses reaching out to the sun.

Even the fountain looked happy.

The cactus house I always find fascinating and can't help but compare with my own. Such strange plants.

Don't the crocuses look so pretty around this tree.

Even some figs have been trying to grow.

Giant lemon tree.

At long last the daffodils have opened up.

I've never seen mistletoe growing on a tree before.

First ladybird of the year.

First daisy of the year.

The time is an hour behind as I don't know how to alter it but look the temperature reached double figures!

Started knitting one of the baby blankies.

I just love all the colours,not very babyish, But I do believe babies like bright colours.

Well I think I'd better finish this blog before you all fall asleep and save the cookery challenge for another day.

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