Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Shop, Shop, Shopping.

That's what No 1 and I did last Saturday. After a yummy brekkie,

 a mooch around my sister's home and a play on  her swing we headed into Shrewsbury.

 I need to explain to you all that other than going to craft shows and supermarkets I don't really go shopping. So it is a really special occasion for me to be doing this. I love Shrewsbury - sooo many interesting shops.

 Within minutes of parking we come across a FABRIC shop - purses trembling. Watson and Thornton

 Just look at that cute chicken fabric - ooooh yummy.

Loved these owl panels - make great cushion covers.

Of course my favourite - red and white gingham with the extra joy of hearts.


So much lovely fabric to choose from.

BUT as it was so early into the shopping trip we decided to wait until the end of the day to see how much money we had left.

Then onwards to a WOOL shop - after a plain cardigan pattern - that's another story for another day!

Just adore Noro wool - comes in so many wonderful colours. I am knitting a second shawl using this type of wool.

Then as we wonder up this cute street I spied a dress shop - Tara Clothing. Only seems to be a facebook link.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures but my daughter took them with her ipad and then they've been sent via facebook. These clothes were such fun - no size, just one size to fit all. Having fallen in love with them they did nothing for my daughter or I.

Loved the layered look.

Here I am making my first purchase - a dress and a cardigan. Whoop whoop - on a high.

We discovered the indoor  market which was full of interesting, and quirky stalls.

Yummy fish - am amazed my daughter took this picture as she hates fish and  detests the smell.

 There were quite a few cafe areas but I loved this one - the decor with the bicycle and the baked bean tins used as lights.

We stopped for a jacket potato in a pub but other than that we did not sit down all day.

This shop was selling original vintage clothing but sadly the clothes were far too small for both of us. But aren't these dresses divine. It would be so wicked if we could wear these sorts of dresses again. As long as they make them bigger!

Now as the day drew to a close we headed back to the fabric shop. The trouble was I had run out of energy - not having had enough sleep and walking ALL day. So only my daughter bought some fabric, I was just too exhausted to think clearly what I might like and I think common sense prevailed - dare I confess I have enough fabric and enough projects to keep me out of mischief for AGES.

Now what did my daughter buy well she got a fantastic quirky Italian skirt and a denim tunic top from the dress shop. But she went deliriously happy when she found the shoes she has been wanting to buy for ages. They were high heels, gorgeously red, with ladybirds from Prego

The shoes are made by a company called Irregular Choice. 
But the reason for my daughters happiness was that the shoes were in a half price sale! So one very happy shopper. Even the box is gorgeous - bit of a nightmare packing it into her wee small flight bag!

After a wonderful day we stopped half way back home to Leicester and had a meal with my dad and eventually arrived back at 9.30pm to see No 3, hubby and baby. But that's another episode/blog.

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