Friday, 28 March 2014

Back to Scotland - Day Seven, Northumberland.

Thoughts for the day were to go to Holy Island, but the tide crossing times were not very good. So after some thinking I came up with my one of my most favourite coastal walks. St Abbs. It's just over the border into South East Scotland.

People come here to do scuba diving.

The walk starts from the town and obviously climbs up the side of the cliffs.

The tide was coming in and I enjoyed watching the sea hit the rocks.

 There was a great sound of sheep and lambs bleating as they were being fed.

They reminded me of my chickens - walking in their food!

Favourite spot for Mr P and I to sit, admire the view and drink a cuppa. Only today it was rather cold and windy. Wonder where the boat was going - I'm guessing Edinburgh rather than Aberdeen.

If it had been a warmer day I would have spent much longer here - watching all the birds flying to and thro from the cliffs.

Sorry I could bore you with loads of pictures but realise I better stop.

Even though it was only 5 degrees - I couldn't walk past this picnic spot. What a fantastic view.

My hands were soooo cold, but decided to be a good British citizen and have my picnic regardless of the weather.

Well the rest of the day was spent in Berwick - running a few errands, trip to the neighbour, a bit of packing :( home tomorrow. Happy to see Mr P :).

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