Monday, 24 March 2014

Chimney Sweep Luck - Day Three In Northumberland

After yesterdays mammoth walk and feet suffering from blisters - I decided it was a day to chill out. But first of all I had to get the fire place cleaned up ready for the chimney sweep. Now I wish I'd read up about the luck of a chimney sweep before he came. I read that having a chimney sweep at your wedding is good luck - well to my knowledge all the people that came to our wedding there was not a chimney sweep but we have been married for nearly 36 years. So perhaps someone was related to a chimney sweep. Also read that blowing or giving a chimney sweep a kiss is lucky too. Mmmmm wonder what he would have thought if I'd given him a kiss! Might have been a bit scared and done a runner! But then I did read that seeing a chimney sweep was lucky too - oh and I did make him a cuppa, so therefore surely I must be in for some luck? Anyway if you need a good chimney sweep or someone to fit you a stove then he James Blaikie and his brother Ian I can recommend them(that's if you live in Northumberland/Borders). Click here. Then of course there was that wonderful Disney film - Mary Poppins and that wonderful song Chim chim cheree all about a chimney sweep. Now time for you to see a real chimney sweep.

Don't forget to blow him a kiss!

Decided it was nearly lunch time and sun is shining - time to get out. First stop Berwick to the supermarket to get some Compeed blister plasters. Then I drove to Holy Island (Lindisfarne). Parked the car and ate my packed lunch looking at this view and listening to Classic FM.  Idyllic.

Decided to be brave and try and do a short walk around the village. Just like lots of tourists, who never get to see most of the island and only ever see the shops! What a snob I'm becoming. Hurray Lindisfarne Scriptorium was open. Got something for Mr P, so can't show you.

It's getting harder to show you different pictures of the island. But the sky was just sooo blue and clear.

Sadly my feet were hurting so much that I couldn't even do a full circle of the village and had to limper back to the car, walking like a very old lady.

Never mind, back home for a lovely relaxing bath and pj's on by 5pm!

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