Wednesday, 29 June 2016

90th Birthday Celebrations

There has been no blog these last few days as I have been too exhausted even to think. Last weekend was my father in laws 90th birthday party. So all my children, grandchildren and  dog returned home. Accommodating them all is getting a little tricky. So Mr P and I opted for the tent in the garden. Fortunately the heavy rainfalls did not batter the tent and we slept well and remained dry! Golly where is the summer? I seem to be getting used to cycling to work with rain gear on! Yesterday it was so cold that I ended up putting my gloves on half way to work! At work I had to attend a meeting and some weeks ago we had to choose some food and I opted for a salad. I came to regret it wishing I had chosen some soup! So compromised with a pot of tea to accompany my salad - crazy weather. Guess the weather is reflecting the country too.  I have to admit to being devastated about the recent vote to leave the EU. Although I do feel rather proud of Leicester voting to remain. Think if you look at a map of the votes there is just a small dot for Leicester! I'm not going to say anymore on this topic as I am sure that for many British people this is a constant topic of conversation.

Mr P enjoying the girlies. They had a great time on the dance floor with the balloons. They probably made the most of the floor space!

Golly where does the time go - they will be three in September.

Spud enjoying the balloons. He too will be three in August.

He is such a happy chappy but he must be rather confused. Having moved from Bristol to Berwick the previous weekend and then finds himself back in Leicester. I wonder if he thinks Berwick was just a holiday?

Dumpling looking rather???????????? Grazes on her face due to falling in her new garden.

The cutting of the cake. My sister-in-law had it made with his army's regimental badge on top.

The hero of the weekend was Poppy - who let the children climb all over her, chase her around the house etc.

Well we had a great weekend and to finish it was my older daughter's birthday. Now her sister made this wonderful wreath, based on designs by Lucy from Attic 24.

I love the hedgehog and the toadstools. She made this in the middle of packing up to leave Bristol and looking after the two small children. She's amazing. Anyway I felt bad what excuse did I have for not making my daughter something. So, with little time left, decided a cushion could work out.

Well I better fly or I will be late for work. Have a good week.

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