Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Flying Visit

Last Friday we made a hasty retreat from Leicester only to end up spending the next 4 hours crawling along the M1, to Leeds. We were sooo disappointed as we wanted to have time seeing our gorgeous grandchildren. Sadly we saw them for a brief few minutes before it was time for their beds. But oh the sight of seeing their gorgeous smiling faces greet us as we climbed out the car was enough to melt  the frustrations of the journey.

Even though we only saw them a few weeks ago their faces have changed and now I am not so confident as to who is who.

Breakfast time - but she is waiting for the flash!

Again the same with her sister...

The girlies have decided that food isn't too bad and eat their cereals with far less persuasion than in previous months.

Then it was time for me to disappear to the dentist - my pet hate. My coping mechanism is to have the first appointment of the day. The receptionists take a little persuading before they comprehend that my next 6 monthly check up cannot be the 2nd appointment of the day - it has to be the first one and I'll happily wait a few more weeks for the time I want. Back to watch the girls snuggling up to grandad.

Then you can only sit still for a short while before play fights begin....

Then time for a few stories.

Followed by grandad having to do some leg and stomach exercises!

Fortunately the one girl was not soooo sure about balancing on grandad's legs - much to his relief, as he nearly had them both. Then came the very sad moment when we had to leave as I had to be back in Leicester for lunch time. The choir I sing in was having their concert in the evening and the afternoon was filled with the rehearsal. Have to be honest and say I cried. I really didn't want to leave.

So hard to say goodbye to these cute girlies. Hopefully we will be seeing them soon and we are going to have them all to ourselves for a whole weekend, in September! Whooppee!

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